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Saint Petersburg is a fascinating blend of distinctly Russian and Western cultural influences. After it was founded by Peter the Great—memorialzed by the iconic Bronze Horseman statue—it remained Russia's imperial capital for two centuries. Peter the Great and his successors invited Europe’s premier architects to fill the city with extravagant palaces, baroque cathedrals, and Renaissance-style buildings – all of which remain perfectly intact to this day.

Cruise down the historic Neva River on a boat tour to check out the neoclassical facades of the Mariinsky Theatre and Hermitage Museum, which forms part of the Winter Palace. It's now the world’s largest art museum that houses everything from ancient Greek sculptures to masterpieces by Michelangelo. You'd need a couple of days to see all three million pieces in this endless collection.

Other key landmarks are the Peter and Paul Fortress, Church of the Savior of Spilled Blood, and Peterhof Palace – a vast complex of palaces, gardens, and fountains.

And there’s more to Saint Petersburg than its architecture. All down Nevsky Prospekt, the city’s main street, you’ll find countless bars, restaurants, and shops to enjoy after running around town sightseeing.

Direct flights to the nearby Pulkovo Airport are common throughout Europe.


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Average weekend price $59 per night
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Average stay 2 nights

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In St.

August 31, 2021

In St. Petersburg people are used to tourists and service in English is more widely available than elsewhere in Russia. Good cuisine easy to find, I recommend Georgian and Armenian. You never run out of places to visit.

Mikko Finland

This was by far not the first trip to the city for me, so I...

August 28, 2021

This was by far not the first trip to the city for me, so I mostly went to the out-of-the-way locations, ones that require prior booking, etc. Sadly, I only got the dates for the trip a short time before it, so a few of the sights fell through because the tickets were all gone by the time I tried to book. Still had a great time, particularly during yet another visit to the Hermitage. The site (and the signs) say that you can only get there for two hours at a time, and must stick to a marked route, but factually, no one cares if you overstay, and you can walk around the "No Entry" through other rooms. Furthermore, I greatly enjoyed my visit to the House of Scientists - a building just a couple houses down Dvortsovaya embankment from Hermitage's Winter Palace, one that used to be a Great Knyaz palace. It appears to be the most well-preserved of the palaces in St.Petersburg, and the interior certainly looks impressive. Finally, out at the far end of Vasilyevsky island, the D-2 Narodovolets submarine is a great museum ship; our visit was made much better by us going in the morning of a workday, so we were all but alone it its still bowels. Don't believe the online map data, though, it opens 10am, not 11. On the other hand, there were also disappointments. Say, the winter palace of Peter I is essentially a single wall surviving from the building, a single basement (into which they won't even let you), and three tiny reconstructed rooms with the Emperor's personal details which you have to view through the windows. I felt it a waste of time and money, frankly. Furthermore, the S-189 sub is supposed to be a museum ship, but the visits are so aggravatingly badly organized ("wait here for the next group to exit; we'll let the next group in, but we won't say when and won't say how many people, just chill here in the cold") that I chose to leave rather than wait for who knows what and how long.

danvolodar Russia

Great city, lots of history, plenty of activities to enjoy,...

August 25, 2021

Great city, lots of history, plenty of activities to enjoy, very tourist friendly. Everyone will find something to do here: museums, art galleries, multiple venues featuring contemporary art exhibits, shopping, live music, roof tops, boat excursions, taking you down the canals, under the multiple unique bridges and, of course, theatre, ballet, fun bars and restaurants. Getting around is pretty easy: the metro, rentals, taxis, bikes, scooters and (seasonal) water taxis. Depending on the duration of your trip, visiting the picturesque suburbs is a must! Stunning palaces, gardens and fountains attract thousands of people to these historic areas. If you get a taste of Saint-Petersburg once, you’re guaranteed to fall in love with this northern gem, granted the weather is merciful and you’re properly accessorized (an umbrella, comfy shoes, a raincoat/a coat are highly recommended). If you’re not sure what to start with, while planning your trip, ask a local! The people love their city and will be happy to come up with a piece of advice or a helpful phone number.

Anastasia United States of America

Its a beautiful city with much to see.

July 4, 2021

Its a beautiful city with much to see. Im not normally a tourist i hate crowds... but this city invited me to look around.. I have friends come each day and take to different the canal thing..its fun and you get to see something else.. there are awesome parks around and beautiful palaces...and get on the Peterhof Express and go to Peterhof, the castles/Palaces and fountains are amazing. with the fountains, there are no mechanical pumps driving the water...its all done from water piped in from the hills behind. Great resturaunt there too...

Greg Bryers
Greg Bryers Austria

St Petersburg is one of the world's great cities, with...

June 4, 2021

St Petersburg is one of the world's great cities, with astounding cultural offerings (not just the Hermitage, although that alone would be enough to make it a world destination). It is one of the places one really should see.

James United States of America

Great city!

June 4, 2021

Great city! Love it much! The top most interesting places in St. Pete is New Holland park, Museum of Maritime, Aurora Ship, Pokrovskoe Church (old style wooden church). And it worth to visit Vyborg and Lafoga lake!

firuz1844 Russia

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