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Lviv is the largest city in western Ukraine and was founded in the 13th century. Ruled by various countries in the past, Lviv is a landscape painted by the traditions of the nations that ruled the city during different time periods. Today, Lviv is the official cultural capital of Ukraine.

Lviv National Academic Opera House and Ballet Theatre is an opera house located in the central square of the city. You'll get to see various architectural features on the façade – including multiple sculptural figures – and a trio of bronze winged statues. Bandinelli Palace, the 16th century home of a sculptor, is a late Renaissance townhouse that was used as a post office. Designed using various styles, Kornyakt Palace is a fine example of Ukranian architecture. This palace houses paintings, mosaics and furniture belonging to the 19th century. Kornyakt Palace is best known for its Italian courtyard which, as the name suggests, is reminiscent of the typical courtyards in Rome and Florence.

The Armenian Cathedral in Lviv was founded by an Armenian merchant. The oldest part of this cathedral preserves Renaissance arcades and columns. The interior is decorated with colourful wall paintings, vibrant frescoes and marble arches. The Bernardine Cathedral and Monastery is another place of interest in Lviv. Its façade is adorned with statues of the sacred order of Bernardine and the images of Jesus and Mary.


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Local currency UAH 100 = $2.71
Language Ukrainian
Average weekend price $43 per night
Average weekday price $42 per night
Average stay 2 nights

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The best vibe I found in a Ukrainian city, not to take away...

September 4, 2023

The best vibe I found in a Ukrainian city, not to take away from the others. L'viv is just special. Walking along the park in Prospect Svobody, at all times of day, is just a breath of life. The streets in the center are also cozy and lively. Most people speak ukrainian, young people also regularly wear traditional clothes. In two days you can see everything. One day for the most important things, and the atmosphere.

Leonardo Italy

It is a special city with a tragic history.

July 29, 2023

It is a special city with a tragic history. The locals joke" How do Lvivians change nationality? They do not go anyway and just wait.... Because the city has changed (not by choice) its nation at least 11 times. But the silver lining is that it has a more cosmopolitan vibe than other Ukrainian cities. The Polish, Galician and the Austro-Hungarian architecture and still in the city centre. A vibrant cafe and restaurant scene. Culture also in the Opera - Ballet Theatre. Lviv is also a gateway to the Carpathian Mountains region. In brief - Lviv is the most European of all cities. Well worth the visit - even in war time.

PHILIP United Kingdom

Big squares, wonderful architecture and clean streets.

July 27, 2023

Big squares, wonderful architecture and clean streets. Lviv is a Mecca for all coffee lovers. Very polite drivers, and very disciplined, too. Once the war is over, I will definitely come back. It's good to have the map of bomb shelters figured out beforehand though. Take the alarm alert seriously even though some people don't, and seek shelter immediately.

Zorica Slovenia

Gorgeous city, very good culinary options, cafes, and sights...

July 26, 2023

Gorgeous city, very good culinary options, cafes, and sights to visit. Of course you can never forget Ukraine is under attack and while safer than most other cities, the Russians also fire cruise missiles here and kill civilians just like in the rest of the country, so be aware of the risks and know where shelters are.

Ehrman United States of America

Lviv is always beautiful and it was also particularly...

May 24, 2023

Lviv is always beautiful and it was also particularly beautiful in spring. Loads of tulips and green parks added options for nice walks. As always coffee is great everywhere and more cafes opened up.

Olena Ukraine

The first thing people ask when we discuss our trip to Lviv,...

May 6, 2023

The first thing people ask when we discuss our trip to Lviv, Ukraine in April 2023 is about the war. Americans especially see only pictures of the war in the East of Ukraine and imagine that the whole country looks like Bakmut. But this is completely false. The western portion of Ukraine, like the Lviv Oblast has more than 2.8 million residents and no combat. The war impacts people deeply because many young persons join the army and go East and die in the war. But it is perfectly safe in 2023 for Americans and others to visit and even vacation in Lviv. Before the pandemic, Lviv had about 3 million foreign visitors a year, but because people are afraid of the war, there are much fewer today. We spent 6 days in Lviv Oblast and ate delicious food, stayed in beautiful hotels and enjoyed a wonderful and safe time in April 2023. We are already planning our December 2023 Lviv trip to enjoy the magic of Christmas in Ukraine. Clearly, I would never consider traveling in the East of Ukraine during the war, for one you would be in danger and you would also just be in the way of those who are bravely trying to defend their country. But remember that the danger of violence and combat is very localized in the East and that now is a perfect time to visit Lviv. We flew to Warsaw, Poland and took the train to Przemysl where we spent one night. The next morning we took the short train ride from Przemysl to Lviv. You can buy your train tickets ahead online and the trains are clean and fast. Public transport in Lviv Oblast is good, but we chose to rent a car from Budget rent a car in Lviv for the added flexibility. We had a few days of "business" we were interested in completing while in Lviv, visiting mental health providers to initiate some projects together, but aside from our work we just enjoyed the culture and beauty of Lviv. Don't wait for the war to end to discover this European treasure of a city.

RexAdam United States of America

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