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As one of the world’s most ancient capitals, Hanoi has that ineffable sense of enchantment that only gets better with age. Its charm emanates from its thriving Old Quarter, filled with food stalls, inviting cafes and market vendors.

To really soak up the atmosphere, Hanoi’s Old Quarter is best explored on foot. You’ll come across expert tradespeople selling quality trinkets such as hand-embroidered garments, bamboo products and stationery made from the famous local ‘do’ paper. You can experience some authentic North Vietnamese culture by taking in a water puppet show at the Thang Long Theatre. Performances are accompanied by a live orchestra and usually portray ancient village life and mythical creatures. Take some time to recharge in the peaceful grounds of the Temple of Literature, a rare example of traditional Vietnamese architecture amongst the French-inspired offerings such as St Joseph’s Cathedral and Long Biên Bridge.

Hanoi specialises in the national dish of pho (beef noodle soup), as well as bun cha (grilled pork with noodles) and banh mi (thin baguettes stuffed with cold cuts, pâté, mayonnaise and pickled carrots). If you’re in need of an afternoon pick-me-up, order a traditional egg coffee – egg yolk whisked together with vanilla essence, condensed milk and robusta coffee, topped off with a hand-stencilled design made of chocolate syrup.

The most common and convenient way to get around Hanoi is by hiring a motorbike. For a sightseeing tour, hop on a cyclo – a three-wheeled bicycle taxi found almost anywhere in the Old Quarter.


From $10 per night

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From $21 per night

Most popular time to visit October-December
Cheapest time to visit January-March
Local currency USD
Language Vietnamese
Average weekend price $3 per night
Average weekday price $3 per night
Average stay 2 nights

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People were so nice and friendly

May 24, 2023

People were so nice and friendly Some areas were not clean quite a culture shook The areas of interest were good Would recommend taking the city tour bus and the puppet theatre also the Vietnamese women’s museum


Very sad to say but the 21 century is catching up with me.

May 19, 2023

Very sad to say but the 21 century is catching up with me. I loved the empty tourist spots but HaNoi is full of tourists like nearly everywhere else on the planet. If you don’t mind crowds it must be a fantastic vibe here. I am from rural Australia so I find crowds and diesel fumes daunting. I like open friendly people and most were but some of the tour operators are gushing, over the top, friendly. I did not meet one unfriendly person even border officials were tolerant. Marvellous city to explore and take plenty of time to do it, it is very worth while. At no time did I feel harassed or threatened, except by scooters, look in all direction when you cross the road! The only scammer I met was a taxi driver from the airport. If the hotel will book a taxi for you, use it, they pick you up at a fixed price, about half what drivers quote and you can pay at the hotel in local or international currency or card, very useful if you have just got off a plane.

Peter Australia

Friendly city, at first it seems chaotic but you get used to...

May 19, 2023

Friendly city, at first it seems chaotic but you get used to it, and it has a charm after a while Use Grab for getting around. It was so simple. Easy payment, no communcation issues, no concerns of meter scams etc. The entire Ho Kiem lake is traffic free on surrounding streets on Sundays. It's a great way to see locals enjoying their day off.

Andrew United States of America

People should learn to speak english

May 15, 2023

People should learn to speak english Food was great but i was si carefull that some prepare the food without washing there hands. The foods beers and drinks like beer cost less expensive( cheap for price)

Tony Philippines

Hanoi is busy, friendly and takes a little but of getting...

May 12, 2023

Hanoi is busy, friendly and takes a little but of getting used to. The Hotel was ideally situated in the old town. It's reasonably clean and we felt very safe and comfortable. There's lots to see and do. We didn't really get hassled at all, just that they would like our business. Lots to see and do.

louise Australia

Beautifull Chaotic City, but it got a special place in my...

May 8, 2023

Beautifull Chaotic City, but it got a special place in my Heart, the locals are incredibly friendly, and the food is Delicious! i myself live in the Mountains, and therefor going to a busy city like Hanoi is complete the opposite of what i am used to!. all in all, Vietnam is Amazing and worth Visiting! so many nice museum's and Tours to take while Staying in Hanoi!


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