What to do if something goes wrong for partners

What to do if something goes wrong

In the unlikely event that something goes wrong, we're always here for you. But we know that you want to solve your own problems sometimes too. In this section, you'll find guidelines to follow in case of an issue, as well as the steps we'll take to support you.

If anything unexpected happens and you need assistance with your reservation, our Customer Service is always available to help. They're most effective if contacted while a guest is still at your property. Your first step, however, should be to contact the guest to try resolving the issue directly with them.

Lost and found

If guests accidentally leave something behind, let them know.

Keeping your damage deposit

If you already collected a damage deposit, you have the right to keep it when it's proven that a guest caused the damage.

Guest misconduct

  • Report it to law enforcement first: In the case of abusive behavior from a guest—whether verbal or physical—contact law enforcement immediately. Be sure to hold onto any police reports or other documents you may receive, since these may be helpful for the future of your case.
  • Report it to us. In the unlikely event of abusive behavior, guest misconduct, or any other illegal activities, it’s essential that we know. Report it to us, so we can protect you and our other partners in the future.

Disaster relief efforts

We're constantly looking into new ways to support our partners and guests when things go wrong. Our team works with government officials and organizations around the world to support relief efforts on the ground.

If there's ever a natural disaster or severe emergency, Booking.com will assess the event's impact on you as part of our crisis response. You also can expect us to reach out to confirm that you're safe and still able to welcome guests.

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