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Our community standards

The standards we set to foster safe, welcoming travel experiences for all


We expect our guests and partners to treat each other with respect. We're committed to doing everything we can to eliminate all forms of unlawful bias, discrimination, intolerance, harassment and abuse from our platforms. Respect is a fundamental value of human interactions. For us, it means treating everyone with dignity during all interactions. Respect involves acknowledging and valuing the diverse backgrounds and preferences of all customers regardless of their individual or collective characteristics, including their race, skin colour, the language they speak, ethnicity, national or social origin, religion, political views, whether or not they own property, sexual orientation, mental or physical abilities, gender, gender identity or expression, marital status or familial status, health status, place of residence or social or economic status, religion, descent, background or other identity factors.


Trust is the foundation of any thriving community and is the key to fostering long-term relationships within the travel community. We emphasise honesty, transparency and integrity in all interactions and transactions. We strive to create an honest and professional environment where commitments are honoured, descriptions are accurate, and customers conduct business honestly and professionally.

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Safety and security are paramount to promoting travel experiences and interactions that are free from danger, harm or threats. This includes the physical and psychological safety of an individual and the security of the property. We expect our guests and partners to adhere to the safety and security guidelines. Putting a customer’s physical and psychological safety at risk is unacceptable.


Privacy includes protection against unauthorised intrusion into a guest's room or personal space, as well as guarding against surveillance. It also involves controlling the disclosure of personal data and ensuring the informational privacy of guests and partners. We value our customers' physical and informational privacy, as everyone has a right to privacy. This includes respect for personal space, belongings, personal data, travel plans and communication between guests and partners. We expect both customers and partners to uphold strict privacy standards. This is crucial for building trust and ensuring that everyone feels safe sharing necessary information without the risk of it being misused or exposed without consent.

You can learn more about privacy on our platform in our Privacy Statement.

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Regard for the law

Our platform doesn’t accept any illegal or life-threatening activity, such as theft, vandalism, extortion, or other criminal activity. This standard underscores the importance of complying with local laws and regulations and requires that guests and partners act lawfully and responsibly.

Animal welfare

We don’t tolerate animal cruelty and exploitation. We only list properties or attractions if they meet specific criteria, such as zoos or aquariums that are members of accredited bodies. Partners must respect both domestic and wild animals, ensuring their living conditions meet our animal welfare standards

Our animal welfare standards
A traveler with a map riding on the back of a rickshaw

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