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8 Munich dishes tastier than pork knuckles

It's Oktoberfest, the beer is flowing and you think it's time to try the local cuisine. But then the statuesque barmaid in that milkmaid outfit brings over the traditional dish of pork knuckles, slathered in pickled cabbage, and you think, ‘actually, I wish I'd just brought sandwiches’. But wait, stop. Judging Munich's food scene by Oktoberfest is a bit unfair – it’s a beer festival after all. Here are eight local dishes that should have you saying ‘noch einmal, bitte' (one more please).


We salute the German dedication of trying to eat cake at every meal. And as Munich is such a beautiful city to explore on foot, start the day with a caffeine and sugar rush. Try the local secret, Schmalznudel – a huge, flattened doughnut that you dip in sugar - with milk-coffee from the wood-fronted Café Frischhut. They start baking at 8am - just follow your nose! Address: Prälat-Zistl-Straße 8, 80331


Munich's large Turkish population means it's home to mezze, pide and baklava as delicious as you'd find in Istanbul itself. Altschwabing may look typically Bavarian from the outside but the smell of flambéed local lamb, diced with tomatoes, mushrooms and rice, tells you there’s some seriously good Kavurma being served up by the Turkish chefs within. Address: Schellingstraße 56, 80799


Or Lavender sorbet. Or even matcha green tea sorbet. True & 12 isn’t your average ice cream place – this tiny local shop makes fresh, gluten-free and organic ice creams in some amazing flavours fresh every morning. Leave some of the mango for us though. Address: Rosenheimer Str. 14, 81669


Yes, pizza in Munich seems an odd suggestion, but as the chandeliers sparkle and the lamps in the square outside light up the Venetian frescos you’ll feel that a little slice of la dolce vita has come to Munich. And L’Osteria’s mushrooms are from the local forests. Address: Lenbachpl. 8, 80333 (multiple locations)


We’re pretty sure that Restaurant 181 is the world’s only revolving, Michelin-starred restaurant set in a tower in an Olympic park. Come at sundown for the glorious one-two of the very reasonable ‘sunset’ menu and views out over the lights of Munich as far as the Black Forest. (Oh, and the 181 in the restaurant’s name? the number of metres from the ground you’ll be dining). Address: Spiridon-Louis-Ring 7, 80809


Think macaroni cheese’s tastier, older brother. Our favourite version is from the wood-panelled Augustiner Brauhaus – that way you can tick off sight-seeing one of the city’s most traditional beerhalls while enjoying the cheesy, oniony, tangy mess that’s a great plate of Kasespatzle egg noodles. Address: Landsberger Str. 35, 80339


Wikipedia lists forty-two pages of German sausages and it’s safe to say you can get each and every one of them in Munich. You can sample at least five of them in one go from the legendary Glockl Platter at Gaststatte Nurnberger Bratwurst where they still grill the meat over an open beech-wood fire for that authentic flavour. Address: Frauenplatz 9, 80331