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Products for Self-managed Partners

Map Widget

Map Widget

A Map Widget helps users looking for accommodations around a specific area. With a handy location finder, properties close to venues are shown in map view, letting the person booking choose the perfect option. Any complete booking that starts with your Map Widget will be credited to your account – and you'll earn commission too! We'll guide you through the step-by-step process below and help create this product for your website.

Search Box widget

Search Box

The perfect starting point for travelers, our Search Box will direct them to a list of properties in their desired destination. You're free to customize the style of this responsive product, and you can target the searches your users make by preapplying filters.

Affiliate Banner


Want to encourage your users to make bookings? Our attention-grabbing banners come in six different formats, with various designs to choose from. Flexible and customizable, these banners are available in 43 languages and dialects, letting you successfully engage with your audience.

Inspiring search box showing images of London, Dubai, and Sydney

Inspiring Search Box

With our Inspiring Search Box, your audience will feel even more inclined to make bookings. This product allows you to apply filters that show desirable images of popular destinations next to our classic Search Box – making the idea of a vacation even more appealing.

Deals finder widget showing property deals for London, England

Deals Finder

Created to drive bookings through your affiliate site, the Deals Finder promotes properties that offer users attractive discounts. Just select the day of the week you want the deals to be applied to, and we'll refresh them automatically.

WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugins

Turning your audience into customers is just a few clicks away. Adding products to your WordPress site is quick and hassle-free with our customizable plugins. You can create eye-catching banners and deep links, or easily add one of our search boxes.

How do these products work?



In the Affiliate Partner Center, set up and customize your widget to suit your preferences.



Preview the widget inside the tool to make sure everything looks and works how you want.



If you’re happy with how the widget looks and functions in the preview, publish it to your site.