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How to see the world the way

Enjoy the journey to hundreds of’s 100,000 destinations with us!

Early in 2016, each and every one of’s 14,000 employees was given a challenge that would take us to some of the most remote, challenging and amazing places on the planet. We wanted to do something big, something amazing – and something that proved to everyone who booked with us that travel isn’t just something we care about from 9 to 5.

Our task was to collectively go out and film all of our travels and adventures for the year. Whether we were going to the ends of the earth or the nearest stretch of coastline, we recorded every moment.

Feeling inspired to do a little globetrotting of your own? Luckily we’ve got an easy way for you to search for deals wherever you want to go!

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    On 3 Feb 2017, Stephan wrote:

    Very nice

  • S
    On 3 Feb 2017, Sirry wrote:

    I like it and I trust in Uuuu!

  • C
    On 3 Feb 2017, Cynthia wrote: is an easy way to find good accommodation in any price range and the staff are most helpful if you have any queries.n Love the travel tips even though I have been travelling for umpteen years!

  • W
    On 3 Feb 2017, Winnie wrote:

    That's realy nice

  • On 3 Feb 2017, wrote:

    Video fantastico!!!! Stile booking. Complimenti!!!

  • J
    On 3 Feb 2017, Jack Freeman wrote:

    This last year I've been to the Philippines, Singapore, China, and Morocco. I've enjoyed all these places and have received good service and consideration from everyone I've met. I've stayed in huts in the middle of the jungle, shared bunk beds in hostels, and travelled in a variety of vehicles including outrigger canoes. I agree totally with the comments made during the video especially the one about learning and patience. This despite being quite old in years where you can normally be a bit stuck in your ways. May your organization continue to flourish.

  • A
    On 3 Feb 2017, Al wrote:

    Very helpful indeed. Keep the good work alive.

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    On 3 Feb 2017, Muhammad Awais Zeb wrote:

    Loved it

  • S
    On 3 Feb 2017, Sam v wrote:

    Good places

  • H
    On 3 Feb 2017, Hristo Georgiev wrote:

    I like trip to Valeta Malta because I like historical monuments for templier

  • A
    On 3 Feb 2017, Anthony O`Connor wrote:

    Fabulous One Mission video. It`s certainly given me food for thought for the future.

  • D
    On 3 Feb 2017, Dee wrote:

    Awesome. You all got me excited about planning my next trip.

  • F
    On 3 Feb 2017, Felix Maduro wrote:

    Booking .com is it...

  • C
    On 3 Feb 2017, Carlos Brown. wrote:

    Very good, I am on my way, , is the place to help you get where you want to.

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    On 3 Feb 2017, j.n wrote:

    I love

  • D
    On 3 Feb 2017, Donna wrote:

    Pure inspiration! I can't wait to leave home.

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    On 3 Feb 2017, Abdul Hafeez wrote:

    Excellent work keep it up

  • R
    On 3 Feb 2017, Radiconda wrote:

    That's fun and beautiful 😍👍

  • M
    On 4 Feb 2017, Mr. Roller coaster wrote:

    The video was good but does anybody go to amusement parks? Thats why i book hotels close by them it would been nice to see cedar point or six flags and busch garden or other attractions that are thrilling. Thankyou. Take care.😁

  • J
    On 4 Feb 2017, Joyce wrote:

    Incredible! Loved the pigeon on the leash!

  • S
    On 4 Feb 2017, Salauddin wrote:

    Excellent.I love

  • A
    On 4 Feb 2017, Alan wrote:

    Keep up the excellent work very helpful and we'll worth using

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    On 4 Feb 2017, Rasha wrote: have been always reliable and now guys you have exceeded all limits reached new heights we as costumers respect your efforts and appreciate it keep up the good work from success to another...... we love you we trust you

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    On 6 Feb 2017, Chompwoo wrote:

    Inspiring stuff!!

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