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Tražite izvanredno mesto? Putnicima se svidela destinacija Tel Aviv!

Hoteli na plaži u Tel Avivu

Više od milion korisnika prošlog meseca je navelo da bi preporučilo svojoj porodici i prijateljima.

  • 10 najboljih hotela na plaži na destinaciji Tel Aviv, ISR

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Zanimljivosti Tel Aviv

Metzitzim Beach
Metzitzim Beach
Hilton Beach
Hilton Beach
Gordon Beach
Gordon Beach featuring beach volleyball, matkut and sport events
Frishman Beach
Frishman Beach
Jerusalem Beach
Yerushalaim Beach
Charles Clore Beach
Charles Clore Beach
Park HaYarkon
also offers pedal boats
Park HaYarkon
also offers pedal boats je pitao putnike

Različiti ljudi različito uživaju u plažama. Kako ste vi uživali na plaži u gradu: Tel Aviv?

The beaches of Tel Aviv are geat because they are smooth sand as far in as you can walk. Generally no rocks, stones, razor clams, etc. Also: no sharks and I hadn't heard of any jellyfish issues. Quite ideal for sunbathing and swimming, with a pretty city skyline behind. Only one note of caution: Theft is RAMPANT! Several people were robbed while I was in Tel Aviv, including one girl WHILE SHE WAS SITTING NEXT TO HER BAG. You're best off leaving your valuables somewhere else altogether.
90 percent of people are like normal citizens of any normal country. Peace loving and caring. Not bothered about anything, The Immigration and the goverment is the killer. Leaves a bad taste in your mouth, with there unrelated questioning. Why do you have facial hair? Well it grows on my face. Once you leave, you dont feel welcome. because of the immigrations stupid questioning
Tel Aviv beach infrastructure is top quality. The beach it self is very long with a beach bar every 500 m, and public changing rooms, and restrooms. If you like you can lay on sand for free, or you can pay 18ILS and get a chair and umbrella. The best beach experience so far.
The beaches in Tel Aviv are wonderful; the water's warm and crystal clear, and there are ample places to eat and drink. There are showers and changing facilities are every few hundred meters.
very expensive city, although active and pleasant, and very cultural , but, they will charge you for nearly everything eluding sitting on the beach... (more expensive then Tokyo)
Beach is not crowded and next to the city / hotel. You can enjoy the beach and walk some hundert meters to be in the town.
Prefer the beach in Haifa but it was ok, too many kids playing pong. It was great to dine on the beach at night.
Enjoying a swim in clear Mediterranean water, suntanning on the sandy beach, enjoy a cool drink from a beach bar
Very good equipped and organised. Bike roads, open air fitness centers, beach bars, parks, great view.
There is plenty of Beach for everything from surfing to wading in the water to beach volleyball.