Шукаєте ідеальне місце для відпустки? Гості поставили місту Блекпул оцінку "дуже добре".

Шукати бюджетні готелі у місті Блекпул

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Опишіть, як краще всього здійснити бюджетну поїздку в місто Блекпул.

Always look into what the hotels are offering for the price. Some offer a ridiculously cheap prices for room only and when you have paid for breakfast either at the hotel or elsewhere you might find you could be paying as much for the two separetly as for a hotel which offers bed and breakfast within the single price.
the Bierkeller bar next door to Madam Tussaud is great for a cheap night and a laugh dancing on benches! Unfortunately there were some really sleazy guys there when we were there though so would go in a large group!!
Purchase a pass for the trams and buses - you can buy these on the trams or at one of the transport offices.
if you are staying for a few days there is a 3 day ticket to travel on the trams and buses
Walk everywhere and. Find a hotel with free breakfast and fill up on that
make sure you get a day ticket on the tram. good value for money.
3 day travel passes can save you lots of money.
Walking & fresh air on the prom
Use public transport
Walk down the prom