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Situated in the Gero hot-spring district and with a history of over 180 years, Yamagataya offers Japanese and Western-style accommodations with river views. Guests can relax in the indoor/outdoor hot-spring baths and use free Wi-Fi at the public areas. A free shuttle is available from JR Gero Train Station, which is a 5-minute drive away and must be reserved at time of booking.

The air-conditioned rooms feature a flat-screen TV, a fridge and a safety deposit box. Guests can choose to stay in rooms with tatami (woven-straw) floors and Japanese futon bedding or in rooms with Western beds. Japanese Yukata robes are provided for all guests and rooms come with an en suite bathroom.

Massages can be requested for an extra cost and you can enjoy a game of table tennis. Local products can be purchased at the souvenir shop and luggage storage is offered at the front desk. Complimentary green tea is available.

Traditional multi-course meals are served for dinner and a Japanese set menu for breakfast. All meals are served at the dining room.

Yamagataya Ryokan is a 5-minute walk from Gero Museum and a 15-minute walk from Gero Onsen Gassho Village.

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대형 더블침대 1개
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  • Good evening. We are planning to go and stay at your hotel and I was wondering how much will the cost be if dinner and breakfast is included?
    Thank you for your question. Room rates vary depending on conditions such as date, number of guests, and room type. Please enter the conditions on the..
    답변일: 2020년 12월 5일
  • is the half board all Japanese ? is it buffet breakfast ? all rooms only private toilet? no private bath?
    All meals are Japanese. Breakfast is not a buffet. Japanese set menu. Some rooms have a toilet only. Some rooms have a bathroom. There is a private op..
    답변일: 2023년 4월 28일
  • hi, i will like to book your property in next year march 21-22 for 6 adults. can kindly get contact wit me, my name : yoyo
    Thank you for your reservation. We are waiting for you.
    답변일: 2022년 12월 21일
  • What is a shared bath???
    The public bath is a bath that guests staying at a ryokan can take a bath. There is also an open-air bath outside.
    답변일: 2023년 5월 26일
  • Do any of your rooms have private open-air baths? I am interested in reserving one if available, but I cannot find this in the room descriptions. Tha..
    I'm sorry. Rooms with open-air baths cannot be booked on Booking.com.
    답변일: 2023년 4월 13일

호스트: 女将

호스트 평점

Establishment of Yamagataya is, the late Edo period Tenpo year. Unchanged from its founding "People who visited the Yamagataya is, relax more than in my house, so that your back is to the healthy" and thought that, the space of relaxation that has been cultivated among the era, Yamagataya biggest attraction . Situated along the clear stream Hida River that flows through the center of Gero, you can enjoy scenery of the four seasons is you from the room. Including the Hida beef, along with the name of the hot water of the hot water rich Japan's three people Izumi in seasonal dishes and a large bath, open-air bath of handmade that mix of seafood, which is sent directly from the locally grown ingredients and market, welcome you we look forward to.
My name is SEI GEPPOU. Early 12 years Watakushi is I come to Japan from Shanghai. Married is Hattori a Yamagataya president, through the experience of the waitress, this time, was the landlady. Japanese culture Watakushi is also a lot to learn also proprietress of work. Including employees, customers give us honest opinions, thanks to everyone of you who support warm Gero, we spent every day of fulfilling even while struggling.
You can also enjoy such as the promenade and the spa town of walk along the Hida River.
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