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    WestCord Hotel Schylge, 웨스트테쉘링
    8.8 우수함 1,407개 이용 후기
    상세 설명 WestCord Hotel Schylge는 항구에 위치한 터셸링 마을 서쪽에 위치한 숙박 시설로, 실내 수영장, 웰빙 센터를 보유하고 있으며 전용 발코니가 마련된 널찍한 객실을 제공합니다. Hotel WestCord Schylge의 객실은 현대적인 장식으로 꾸며져 있으며, 박스스프링 침대, 무료 Wi-Fi를 갖추고 있습니다.
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    "Thinking along with situations that need help."

    Leslie. 네덜란드
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    Hotel Bornholm, 웨스트테쉘링
    8.3 매우 좋음 1,084개 이용 후기
    상세 설명 The modern Hotel Bornholm is centrally located on Terschelling. The surrounding area is ideal for walks and bike routes and there is a sauna, a fitness area and a Turkish steam bath.
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    "Excellent beds, room was clean and roomy. The breakfast bar was well stocked for the entire breakfast period."

    Niels Ruudson. 네덜란드
  • ₩108,259

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    Terschelling Hotel Tjermelân, 우스터렌드
    8.6 우수함 611개 이용 후기
    상세 설명 Tjermelân offers non-smoking apartments and studios in tranquil surroundings near the Boschplaat nature reserve on the island of Terschelling.
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    "Perfect location, close to dunes and nature. property clean, modern and comfortable. Having a private sauna was awesome. Perfect for winter holiday also."

    Zsófia. 영국
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    팔 8 호텔 안 제이, 베스트안지
    8.4 매우 좋음 1,075개 이용 후기

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    상세 설명 모래 언덕으로 둘러싸인 이 친절한 호텔은 섬의 가장 넓은 해변에서 매우 가까우며, 편안한 휴가 또는 주말 여행을 즐기는 데 필요한 시설과 평온한 환경을 제공합니다. 이 호텔은 북해와 주변 자연의 멋진 전망을 감상하고 바쁜 도시 생활에서 완전히 벗어날 수 있는 특별한 위치를 자랑합니다.
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    "Annelies at the front desk made our stay so memorable. She even went into town for us to grab us some essentials we forgot to pack for our kids. We can’t wait to come back! Superior location and staff..."

    Carla. 캐나다
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    Hotel Nap, 웨스트테쉘링
    8.1 매우 좋음 971개 이용 후기
    상세 설명 In the heart of Terschelling, next to the Brandaris lighthouse, is one of the island’s oldest hotels combining traditional hospitality with modern comforts.
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    "Hotel NAP is a very friendly hotel where children are welcome, situated close to the harbour. Very cosy rooms, a nice breakfast and very friendly staff. The perfect familyhotel. We will go back!!"

    fvanderpuijl. 벨기에
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    WestCord ApartHotel Boschrijck, 웨스트테쉘링
    8.4 매우 좋음 837개 이용 후기
    상세 설명 The 4-star WestCord Aparthotel Boschrijck is located on Terschelling near the picturesque village of West-Terschelling. Enjoy your stay near the beach in these comfortable rooms or apartments.
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    "Very friendly, helpful staff, enormous apartment, great value for money."

    stuart. 영국

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