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Content guidelines

Dangerous and disrespectful content

Image and editorial guidelines

Photos and images are a valuable resource on In order to be helpful to our community, they need to be useful, informative and related to the actual travel experience.

We don’t allow:

  • Images that don’t relate to the actual travel experience
  • Images that contravene with any of the policies, standards or guidelines included here

Also, written content needs to be legible and related to the travel experience. We don’t allow content that’s not understandable, coherent or doesn’t make grammatical sense.

Intellectual property, privacy and confidential data

Spam, misleading content and deceptive practices aims to protect our guests and partners from reviews that aren’t based on the experience of a real customer, or content that isn’t related to the topic or experience of travelling.

We don’t allow:

  • Content that isn’t relevant to, the stay or actual travel experience
  • Content that’s likely to mislead, deceive or confuse users
  • Any of our guests or partners to misrepresent themselves or impersonate another person

Commercial content

At, we believe that contributions are most helpful when they are honest, unbiased and contain objective information. In particular, reviews left on should reflect genuine guest experiences.

We don’t allow:

  • Content created solely for the purpose of self-promotion, advertising or other commercial content
  • Commercial content that promotes or advertises specific services
  • Content that includes contact details or information designed to promote or advertise specific services
  • A partner to review their own listing, business or accommodation

Non-stayed reservations

We value the opinion of our contributors. That’s why only a customer who has booked through can write a review. If the guest arrives at the accommodation, they’ll be able to leave a review, even if they don’t complete their stay. However, if a reservation is cancelled before the check-in day, the guest won’t receive a review questionnaire.

If a review is written under these circumstances, we do allow:

  • Reviews that contain critical information that would be relevant for a future guest
  • Reviews that contain feedback about communication between the accommodation and the guest
  • Reviews that are relevant to the travel experience