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Djibouti may be one of the smallest African nations but it has a desolate beauty which emanates from its wonderfully weird landscapes. Its multitude of scenic spots and water sports options mean you’ll never be short of something to do. The breezy coastal city of Djibouti provides a welcome relief from the year-round hot and humid climate. Beaches are dotted along the eastern shore and local operators offer the chance to swim side by side with colossal whale sharks. On the border with Ethiopia you’ll find Lake Abbe – a barren landscape where three pieces of the Earth’s crust meet. This other-wordly terrain is a playground for hikers, with the dormant volcano of Mount Dama Ali on the northwest shore and vast salt flats to the south. Closer to the capital is Lake Assal which, at 157 metres below sea level, is Africa’s lowest point. For the best choice of accommodation, Djibouti city centre offers a wide selection of hotels.

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