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Arguably the most romantic country in the world, France has been wooing travellers with its heavenly cuisine, eye-popping architecture and captivating culture for centuries. From the châteaux of the Loire Valley to the legendary Latin Quarter of Paris and the ski resorts of the French Alps, each region offers a new discovery. Home to the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower and the iconic cathedral of Notre-Dame, it's easy to see why Paris pulls in over two million tourists a year. Each of the capital's districts (known as arrondissements) have their own unique vibe. Stroll through Le Marais and you'll experience a medieval labyrinth of crooked lanes filled with quirky shops and old-school bakers. Venture into the seventh arrondissement and you'll be in the heart of the action, with some of the city's best museums on show. If you fancy a jaunt north, you'll find Lille with its noticeably Belgian influences, the Champagne wine region and the pretty cities of Normandy. Famed for its tropical subclimate, the south shows off France's glamourous side, with the Côte d’Azur home to super-snazzy St-Tropez, Cannes and Nice. Depending on which part of the country you're visiting, you'll find accommodation to suit your needs. Whether its an extravagant five-star hotel in Paris, a ski lodge in Chamonix or a campsite in Brittany, you'll find the perfect stay. Top tip: Hôtel de Ville is French for 'town hall' so don't be confused when they don't offer you a room for the night!

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