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Travel Proud

Making it easier for everyone to experience the world

These three priorities are at the heart of Travel Proud

A crowd of people is having fun drinking and dancing in the club.

Helping LGBTQ+ people travel with confidence

2 men and their 2 kids are smiling and laughing as they enter a property.

Helping properties be extra welcoming

A loving couple sits on their bed, gazing at each other.

Using the right language in every interaction

We filter places, not people

With Travel Proud you can experience the world as all of yourself, no matter who you love or how you identify.

Travel with Pride, all year long

Want to check if an accommodation is Proud Certified? You’ll be able to identify them by the Travel Proud badge on their property listing.

The Travel Proud logo.
Do you run a property?

Our Proud Hospitality training will help you and your staff understand and connect with LGBTQ+ travellers. Find out how to become Proud Certified.

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