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Ice rinks to skate on this summer

Summer, ain't it grand? Sunshine, ice-cream, long lazy days in the garden and being able to leave the house without having to first belt a duvet around your waist and harness up the huskies. Yes, summer is great, but the high temperatures don’t mean you have to abandon your favourite winter pastimes. Namely, ice-skating.

For skaters looking to brush up on their skills this summer or just snatch a few hours out of the midday sun, these ice rinks are open all year round and well worth a visit.

Summer skating camps for kids and teenagers

Summer skating camps for kids and teenagers

For kids and teens:

Ice Skating Summer Camp 2017 - Atlanta, United States of America

Planning activities for kids and teens can feel like the Sisyphus Stone of the summer holidays but, thankfully, ice skating summer camps are popping up all over the place. Catering for all ages and abilities, the Center Ice Arena skating camps in Atlanta are a great way to cool off while having fun and helping your kids learn a new skill. Whether that skill is ice hockey, figure skating, or just learning to spend more than 30 seconds not upside down or hanging onto the rink wall.

When to go: 5th-9th June or 10th-14th July
Where to stay: Sonesta ES Suites Atlanta Perimeter Center

Is your kid the next Eric Bittle?

Is your kid the next Eric Bittle?

For versatile skaters:

Pranives - Selva, Italy

For all-rounders who can turn their blades to most on-ice activities, Selva Italy is a great place to practise your skating this summer. Open from July to April, the Pranives Ice Rink is home to the local Ice Hockey team (Hockey Club Gherdeina) and the players offer a bursting roster of training for skaters of all abilities. There’s also an artistic ice skating stage for the more creative skaters, an annual ISU tournament, and broomball tournaments. And if all of that isn’t enough Selva has health spas, hot water springs and hang-gliding.

When to go: Open for skating from July to April.
Where to stay: Residence Villa al Sole

Friends skating in Tokyo

Friends skating in Tokyo

For groups of friends:

Citizen Plaza Ice Skating Rink - Tokyo, Japan

Citizen Plaza Ice Skating Rink is built to house international competitions but retains the cosy, rough and tumble atmosphere of your local ice rink. Group tickets are discounted, including entry to the various skating workshops and showcases. The rink bowling alley is – inexplicably – on boards, rather than ice, and the surrounding Toshima neighbourhood is full outdoors restaurants to warm you up again and offer distraction from bruised limbs and/or egos.

When to go: Open throughout the summer.
Where to stay: Good Diner Inn Copain

The Olympic rink in Canillo, Andorra

The Olympic rink in Canillo, Andorra

For sporty families:

IcePlanet International Figure Skating Camp - Canillo, Andorra

IcePlanet’s Olympic rink, weight training rooms, dance studios and weekly shows are everything an aspiring ice skater could hope for this summer, while the camp’s location in tourist hotspot Andorra provides more than enough diversions for the rest of the family. And for those travellers who are happy to offer support but prefer not to get on the ice themselves, Canillo has a great selection of hiking trails, historical landmarks, and outdoors activities to make the most of the summer sun.

When to go: 2nd-22nd July 2017
Where to stay: Apartments Ashhome

The town of Chatel in France

The town of Chatel in France

For eco-friendly skaters

Artificial Skating Rink/Patinoire de Chatel - Chatel, France

While many rinks make an effort to offset their carbon footprint, ice skating still isn’t the most environmentally-friendly activity. Which is why the Artificial Skating Rink in Chatel is so exciting for skaters who love the environment but also want to live out their Yuri on Ice fantasies in warmer temperatures. Based on the shore of Lake Vonnes, this synthetic ice rink is the latest development in eco-friendly ice skating although be warned, the view will knock you off your skates.

When to go: The rink is open all year, whatever the weather.
Where to stay: La Choucas