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5 weird and wacky hotels you’ll absolutely love

Karmeha Grand Zurich, Zurich

A novel but upmarket lodging at the heart of the Swiss capital, Karmeha Grand Zurich specialises in creating unforgettable stays through its range of imaginatively designed rooms. The floral-themed ‘Princess Suite’ features a golden mannequin and illuminated cosmetic mirror, while the punching bag, foosball table and board games in the ‘Fair Play Suite’ provide plenty in the way of in-room entertainment.

Alternatively, beam yourself up to the otherworldly ‘Space Suite’, designed to make guests feel as if they’re floating through orbit, with galaxy-like walls, weightless astronauts and a bed that hovers among the intergalactic furnishings.

Hotel Not Hotel, Amsterdam

Stepping into Hotel Not Hotel for the first time leaves you feeling somewhat perplexed. The art-filled lobby looks more like an exhibition room, while the abundance of books on display gives the guise of a modern library. And that’s before you’ve seen the guest rooms. From the ‘Crisis Free Zone’ fronted by an archway carved of hearts and skulls, to an old tram-turned-bedroom and the lofty ‘Crow’s Nest’, each bears absolutely no resemblance to the other.

If you’d like a quiet read, lock yourself away in one of the five rooms hidden behind bookcases, or find a comfy corner in the curiously-named Kevin Bacon Bar.

Fantasy Hotel, Malacca

Fantasy Hotel panders to your playful side, with immersive and childlike room themes ranging from Winnie the Pooh and The Avengers, to Hello Kitty and Doraemon – the famous Japanese manga character. There’s even a room dedicated to cupcakes and ice cream, though sadly none of the 100+ delicious-looking decorations are edible. You’ll have to explore Malacca’s vibrant night markets for such tasty treats and other delectable Malaysian dishes.

Fantasyland Hotel, Edmonton

The themed rooms at Fantasyland Hotel transport guests to bygone eras in human history and far-flung corners of the earth. You can relax in the Roman Suites’ lavish hot tubs one night, and escape to the Polynesian islands the next. If you’ve brought the kids along, why not saddle up in the Luxury Western-themed room where they can bed down in the ‘county jail’, or, take them on an Arctic adventure to the icy-themed Igloo suite?

If the rooms aren’t reason enough to stay here, Fantasyland Hotel also has direct access to West Edmonton Mall – the biggest in North America. Its top attractions include a huge indoor amusement park and waterslide park.

Madonna Inn, San Louis Obispo

Madonna Inn boasts a wide range of whimsical guestrooms to cater for all tastes, while staying true to an overall Western theme. The cowboy-inspired ‘Yahoo’ suite is a fitting spot to kick off your boots at the end of a day’s horseback riding, while the Native American-themed ‘Indian’ room provides an ironic alternative. For something completely different, try the cavernous ‘Rock Bottom’ – a carefully sculpted room with a mystic touch.

Beyond these novel hideaways, you can take a dip in the pool and admire the views of California’s rugged coastline, before chowing down at the kitschy-pink Alex Madonna’s Gold Rush Steakhouse.