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Women in Tech at

Today’s world is increasingly driven by technology innovation and technology touches all areas of business.

Now more than ever we need positive female role models and an industry culture that celebrates female tech talent. Technology companies need more women in tech roles as well as across other critical functions like marketing and finance.

Tackling gender inequality today

Mentoring women in tech at the 2017 Web Summit

Role models and mentors help address the tech industry's gender gap and inspire women to advance their careers in tech, but according to recent report by the European Commission one of the areas that women have the least representation in tech is at the decision making level.

With this in mind we organised a female mentorship program at the 2017 Web Summit in Lisbon. Attendees heard from some of the most inspiring female leaders and entrepreneurs in the technology industry and received one-to-one mentoring sessions to help them on their journey to charting their own path in tech

Launching the Technology Playmaker Awards

The aim behind our mentorship program at the Web Summit was to support women at all stages of their careers, but we wanted to take it a step further and not just support but also celebrate women working in tech.

This led to the Technology Playmaker Awards, which recognise pioneering women in technology who act as a source of inspiration and opportunity for current and future generations of women. The women honoured by these awards are creative innovators who use technology to disrupt and transform companies, businesses, and even entire communities.

Investing in gender diversity research

In order to understand both the benefits of gender diversity and why tech companies are struggling to achieve this, we’ve invested in multiple research projects. Combined with third-party studies, this research helps industry leaders identify what barriers women face, what opportunities are available to women, and how we can make positive changes.

Tackling gender inequality tomorrow

Providing university scholarships

Promoting and celebrating women working in the tech industry is important, but so is helping them get into the industry in the first place. Which is why we are working with two of Europe’s foremost universities to support female undergraduates further their studies in STEM subjects.

15 postgraduate scholarships (equally €500,000) will be made available in 2018, ten for one-year Master of Science courses at the University of Oxford and five for two-year Master of Science courses at the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) will be available to female students enrolled at the institution’s partner universities in sub-Saharan Africa.

Signing the European Commission Pledge

As well as supporting individual members of the tech industry, we’re looking to support the industry as a whole by becoming a signatory to the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition Initiative. Bringing together educators, businesses and non-profit organisations, this initiative is designed to make sure that all European citizens can develop the digital skills they need.

Collaborating for change

Start-ups are a massive part of the tech industry and yet women are less likely to start their own company. In an attempt to change this we have focused our efforts on a country, continent, and global level.

Just some of the organisations we are partnering with include StartupDelta in The Netherlands; IamtheCODE who are looking to enable more female coders, both women and girls, in Africa; and the Booking Booster programme had a worldwide mandate to encourage tech start-ups.