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Hotel pantai di Llandudno

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Aktiviti Llandudno

Maesdu Golf Club
Llandudno Golf Club (Maesdu) - a well established 18 hole course founded in 1915 and situated just one mile from the North Wales seaside resort town of Llandudno..
Hospital Rd
Llandudno Pier
This Victorian pier has a warm, nostalgic charm to it. Whether it’s the retro joke shop, the friendly shopkeepers or the old-time architecture, a stop-off at Llandudno Pier is like taking a trip back in time. It’s a favourite start and end point for many a walking route, too.
The Great Orme Country Park
Great Orme Country Park is a headland that juts out to sea from Llandudno. It’s the perfect size to take on a relatively simple 6-mile walk round the coastline. This route will take you along beautiful clifftops, past old, quaint churches and back down into town, where you can reward yourself with an ice cream.
Conwy Castle
This magnificent castle dominates the landscape around it. With eight chunky towers straight out of a knight’s tale, it’s a stunning sight to behold as you emerge from the walking route round the coast from Llandudno. If you’ve still got the legs, wander round the battlements to get the full picture of this mediaeval gem. bertanya pelancong...

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It is a pebble beach with a little sand area, huge promenade plenty of space for young and old. Great for riding bikes, scooters and prams
Sheltered by Great Orme and Little Orme, the wide beach has its famous pier and views of the offshore windfarm
Its a lovely beach I can set and look at the beach for hour's and walk up and down it.
A nice place to walk along the Irish sea and close to town of Conway
Walks on the promenade.
Beautiful and Clean
Clean and tidy

Sorotan Llandudno

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A scenic headland set to the north west of Llandudno, Great Orme Country Park, offers impressive coastal views. With origins that can be traced back to the Stone Age, it boasts history, nature and wildlife spotting.