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We only explored the beaches along the Western coast and as a young couple, were hoping to avoid anything that was TOO family orientated. A beach to us was somewhere quiet and relaxing, somewhere easy to swim and relax in the sea and possibly a couple of tavernas nearby to get a drink or food in. The very END of Plaka beach was completely deserted... So tranquil and relaxing, but perhaps a little bit too much. Agios Prop(...something or other) was good. It was quite busy, some families... But not overflowing with them. Water was clear, quite still and great for swimming and there was tavernas on the road behind where you could get drinks and food.
You can tan, swim, go diving/snorkelling, enjoy sea views and the sea air, eat fresh seafood right next to the sea in the great nearby tavernas, relax, go to the beach bar and attend beach parties- you can do whatever you feel like. And Naxos has beaches of all kind- shallow or deep, party or chill, busy or natural and untouched, even a nudist beach!
By day, St George beach is a long stretch of sand offering access to warm sea waters with beachfront restaurants providing cold drinks and snacks. By night, it is a beautiful place to watch the sun set while enjoying an exceptional meal of local specialties.
The beach is beautiful offering long sandy walks out into the sea. It also offers a beautiful spot to enjoy the sunsets after a long day seeing the sights around the island, both from land and water.
Fun in the sun, great beach bars and restaurants, relaxing, site seeing Old Town, visiting Mountain Villages and swimming at different beaches
Crystal clear cold water and a sea not that easy. Makes you try harder to swim. Perfect exercise!
Many beaches down the west coast...Take bus as quite far from Chora.(Naxos Town)
Close to family beach and short walk from quieter beaches. Watersports.
Warm water, safe bathing, comfortable beds and good for walking
Clam, beautiful to watch the sunset, romantic