Explore and find hotels in Bermuda

Perched between the USA and the Caribbean, the Atlantic islands of Bermuda are best known for their pink-sand beaches, crystal-clear waters and subtropical climate. If you’re keen to check out some Bermudian beaches then Horseshoe Bay offers one of the best pink-hued shores the country is famous for. Sunset cruises, diving and snorkelling trips are a great way to explore the best of Bermuda, with glass-bottomed catamarans sailing over shipwreck sites and coral reefs. The 400-year old capital of St. George is a historical playground, with winding, narrow streets dotted with centuries-old buildings. The current capital, Hamilton, is Bermuda’s largest city and offers a number of museums, shopping areas and historical forts. No matter which part of Bermuda you want to explore, there’s a base to suit you. Beach resorts, inns, guest houses and spa hotels can be found in pretty much all of Bermuda’s nine parishes.