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Though small in size, this Caribbean combo boasts an abundance of tropical beaches, wildlife and charming villages. Saint Kitts is the larger of the two islands, separated by three kilometres of water from equally picturesque Nevis. Both islands provide a number of gems worth exploring, such as Saint Kitts’ Brimstone Hill Fortress Park and scenic mountain hiking routes on Nevis. Saint Kitts and Nevis are also home to a variety of rare birds and free-roaming African green monkeys. Submerged below the wonderfully clear waters, you’ll find a treasure trove of shipwrecks, colourful reefs and sea life. A number of popular diving sites are available, such as Monkey Shoals, Friars Bay Reef and the wrecks of MV River Taw and HMS Solebay. A ferry ride is the easiest way to move between the islands, but a number of catamaran cruises and tours are also available. As you’d expect from Caribbean islands, there are a good selection of beachfront resorts and hotels dotted around Saint Kitts and Nevis.

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