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Islamic Legacy and Beautiful Landscape and Beaches

With the largest population in Saudi Arabia, the Province of Mecca is located in the west of the country, reaching until the coastline of the Red Sea. The Holy City of Mecca is its capital, while Jeddah is the most populous, and the main port of the country.

Mecca is the city that every physically and financially able Muslim should visit once in a lifetime for the Hajj pilgrimage. The Masjid Al Haram Mosque houses the holy shrine of Ka'bah, in which direction all Muslims kneel to pray.

That makes the hotels near the Ka'bah a very popular accommodation. The last decades have seen a great increase in Mecca hotels located close to the Haram. These include luxury accommodation, shopping malls and other services.

Another popular destination is the Wa'bah crater and lava fields, 300 km north-east from Mecca. The area is an extraordinary reminder of Saudi Arabia's geological past, when Africa split from Arabia.

The biggest beach resort in Saudi Arabia, Jeddah, is also the country’s second largest city and a major commerce centre in the Middle East. Popular accommodation choices are comprised in Jeddah’s Corniche coastal avenue.

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