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Daugiau nei 1 milijonas žmonių praeitą mėnesį nurodė, kad rekomenduotų svetainę savo šeimai ir draugams.

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Ką nuveikti Abu Dabis

Sheikh Zayed Mosque
The Grand Mosque’s scale is awe-inspiring. Its great white domes billow up into a vast and endless sky. Saying that, the beauty here is in the detail. Any corner of this palatial sanctuary can become a tiny cosmos. Chandeliers glitter like stars, pools shimmer like oceans and intricate carpets roll out like lush landscapes. Take the sunset tour for something truly otherworldly.
Mussafah Bridge
Abu Dhabi Breakwater
Even when temperatures soar, Abu Dhabians still manage to exude cool. Fancy joining the in-crowd? Grab a flashy ride and cruise down the Corniche’s seafront strip. The more easy-going locals head to the promenade cafés for sunset views over the Gulf. Parks are scattered along this stretch with playgrounds, go-cart tracks and even stages for open-air shows. paklausė keliautojų...

Kai kurie žmonės sako, kad romantikos nebėra. Ar Abu Dabis gali tam paprieštarauti?

They have a few resorts in the middle of no where that give couples a great chance to escape from the world and just give time for each other.