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The capital and largest city of the state of Lower Saxony in Germany, Hannover went from ruling Great Britain to nearly being destroyed in the Second World War. Today, the city has been rebuilt retaining an abundance of its old-world charm and royal history. Its Old Town area, or ‘Altstadt’, is delightful to walk through, characterised by cobbled streets, half-timbered houses and ubiquitous red roofs. A symbol of the city, the New Town Hall is a magnificent structure showcasing eclectic architecture and crowned by an ornate dome. For panoramic views, you can ride to the top of the dome in a tilted lift, the only one of its kind in Europe.

Hannover is home to Maschsee, an expansive artificial lake offering water sports and opportunities for swimming, boating and cycling. If you’re after a more tranquil experience, you can simply stroll around the park or stop for a bite at one of the many surrounding cafes and bars. Also worth a visit are the Herrenhausen Gardens – sprawling baroque gardens with fountains, manicured lawns and an artsy grotto. During summer, the gardens come alive with plenty of festivals and fireworks.

When travelling with little ones, Hannover Adventure Zoo will take you around the world with themed zones showcasing hundreds of species in their natural habitat – from Africa to Australia. For a dose of culture, you can take in a sizeable collection of modern art at the Sprengel Museum or journey into the city’s past at Hannover History Museum.


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If Hannover turly is, as is often heard, the most boring...

15 April 2024

If Hannover turly is, as is often heard, the most boring city in Germany, it makes me want to explore more of what Germany has to offer. I mean, how nice must all the other cities be if they find Hannover boring, as it is not boring at all. Like many larger German cities Hannover was bombed and mostly destroyed in the war and has been rebuilt. If you want to see original pre-war Germany, then you can take an easy day-trip to Celle which has been voted as the most beautiful German small town. Also the famous Hameln is an easily doable day-trip.

Jari Finland

Hannover was a nice surprise.

3 April 2024

Hannover was a nice surprise. We stayed close to the ZOO and only 1.3 km from the railway station, which meant, we could walk to the city centre. Very good shopping opportunities and a very nice self-guided walking sight seeing tour around the city. Nice places to eat.

Finn Denmark

It was a very short business trip.

11 December 2023

It was a very short business trip. It is a quiet, easily accessible city. They have excellent fairgrounds. I think the extremely impressive wooden exhibition area is a must-see. We were able to spare a few hours to visit the city and to take a short city tour by following the "Red Line". We had some great beer experiences that we couldn't get enough of.

Cihangir Turkey

I saw police horses walking around.

10 September 2023

I saw police horses walking around. It was very nice to see calm horses helping city in peace. Some very nice person in Hannover teached me that one of the reason why the police use horses in Hannover is that the place was famous with certain kind of horse breeding, moreover, they use horses to calm down the hooligans. Even the hooligans never hurt horses as they know the horses are not harmful to humans. How beautiful is it to see the humans and the animals benefit each other in peace! How beautiful Hannover is it to see!

Masanori Germany

Hannover is a great city and seems to be totally underrated.

8 August 2023

Hannover is a great city and seems to be totally underrated. We love the Lister Meile, also the Eilenriede (large city forest). Bathing lakes around Hanover. We especially enjoy the festivals in the Barock gardens (Herrenhäuser Gärten). The zoo is amazing (best we ever visited). Lots of nice restaurants, beer gardens etc. Great museums, concerts, shows, festivals (Maschseefest) etc. I highly recommend to check out this amazing city.

Martin Germany

I have stayed in Hannover many times and enjoyed it.

8 May 2023

I have stayed in Hannover many times and enjoyed it. This was the first time I booked through this company and will never use them again. Way overpriced. Everyone I told about it said that price was way too much. Grat City to walk around. Lots of historic city. Trains are great. DB very helpful


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