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Greece's ancient capital is an open-air history museum featuring breathtaking landmarks dating back over 2,500 years. Once home to Plato's Academy and Aristotle's Lyceum, it's no wonder why Athens is often referred to as the cradle of Western civilization.

While the towering Acropolis is a reminder of Athens’ ancient origins, the modern-day city offers a huge variety of contemporary comforts. You’ll find chic cocktail bars and exciting nightclubs throughout the center, plus the National Museum of Contemporary Art and the incredible Technopolis complex.

Other points of interest include Attica’s beaches and the scenic National Garden right behind the Greek Parliament Building. This incredible blend of ancient monuments, exciting cultural landmarks, and natural scenery makes Athens the perfect destination for all travelers.

Greeks take an immense amount of pride in their cuisine, and as soon as you try some of their delicious dishes, you’ll know exactly why. Grab a seat in a traditional "taverna" and order up some grilled souvlaki and a glass of Ouzo – an anise-flavored aperitif. You can get to the center easily from the airport by metro, train or express bus, and you'll also find plenty of taxis outside the terminal.


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Most popular time to visit July-September
Cheapest time to visit January-March
Local currency € 1 = $1.19
Language Greek
Average weekend price $111 per night
Average weekday price $119 per night
Average stay 2 nights

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Well, Athens is the Acropolis and the Parthenon as well as...

June 12, 2021

Well, Athens is the Acropolis and the Parthenon as well as the surrounding small city streets Areopagus hill... Truly unique in the world and the views of the never ending buildings of the surrounding metropolis are breathtaking too... The surrounding areas are a pleasure to walk through with the never ending restaurants and market shops. Getting around the centre is a breeze on the Metro trains and taxi's are plentiful and cheap too. Even in the most run down streets I never felt unsafe.

Mr. H.I
Mr. H.I Ireland

It is a very vibrant city, lots of restaurants and bars.

June 12, 2021

It is a very vibrant city, lots of restaurants and bars. The art gallery we wanted to see was closed. Two restaurants we had picked were closed. There was a strike demonstration which was very scarey and lots of armed police everywhere. The changing of the guards in Syntagma Square is amazing. We had been to The Acropolis before so didn’t go but could see it from our Hotel roof garden.

Paul Greece

Athens are really lovely city, you can get around well even...

June 9, 2021

Athens are really lovely city, you can get around well even by public transport (it is possible to buy tickets for 5 days at quite nice price). For sure it is perfect for history lovers, full of nice museums and ladmarks. We have been also in the mountains and they are also very nice. Overall I recommend to be there 5-10 days max.

Ondřej Czech Republic

The center of Athens is not safe, only very few areas around...

June 8, 2021

The center of Athens is not safe, only very few areas around Syntagma square and Plaka. The restaurants are very expensive, especially the "cheap" ones. That restaurant offers less according to their prices. It is more preferable to go to the "expensive" restaurants are more fair for what they offer. In general, Athens it is not an European city it is much lower level. But still is very unique the center with their antiquities. The rest of the city is absolutely unfriendly, huge and dirty.

Paschalis Greece

Athens is a great city, lot of history, amazing views, nice...

June 7, 2021

Athens is a great city, lot of history, amazing views, nice beaches and awesome food. I was also impressed by the fact that people respected anti-covid measures, in public transport and in crowded areas almost everyone wore a protective mask (there were exceptions, of course, but very few). Public transportation is very good, we bought a 5 days card and used it every day on buses, trams and metro (even to Piraeus). The food was amazing, we have eaten traditional greek food and fish&seafood. We have drank greek wine and it was great. Excelent icecream at Davinci Gelato (they have many locations).

CarmenT Romania

The Greek economics surely has an impact on Athens.

June 7, 2021

The Greek economics surely has an impact on Athens. The city is a bit of a mess but that is also the charm of it, i guess. I didnt expect a London Paris Barcelona, but the local government needs to improve its act to make the city more appealing. Traffic is an absolute mess, the kind you see in developing countries, not an eu member state which receives billions of eu infrastructural funds. It is a poor city having the charm of a poor city.

Alfons Benjamin
Alfons Benjamin Netherlands

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