Our values and guidelines

Our values and guidelines

At Booking.com, we adhere to a set of values, standards, and guidelines intended to protect our partners, customers, and employees.


We expect our employees, customers, and partners to treat each other with respect. We don't tolerate any form of harassment, discrimination, hate speech, manipulation, physical violence, or any other form of threatening or abusive behavior.

Obey the law

Booking.com doesn't tolerate theft, vandalism, criminal activity, or extortion. Any kind of illegal or dangerous activity may lead to your account and/or property being blocked.

Personal info

Booking.com doesn't condone any partners or affiliates using others' personal data in breach of our agreement and/or applicable laws.

Traveling respectfully

While staying at a property or using other services with Booking.com, always be considerate of the local community. Try to limit/minimize any noise that might disturb neighbors, respect local laws and traditions, and stay mindful of your impact on the environment.


At Booking.com, we expect our partners and customers to conduct business on our platform honestly and professionally, to not misrepresent themselves in any way, and to respect the agreements made with one another.

Physical safety

At Booking.com, the physical safety of our customers, partners, and employees is our priority. Never engage in or promote any activities that could harm another person or be classified as animal cruelty.

Video and audio recording guidelines

  • While using or providing services on Booking.com, always be mindful of other people's personal space, privacy, and belongings. If staying at a hotel or someone’s home, be respectful of their property and house rules. If hosting or providing someone with a service, respect their privacy and personal belongings.
  • Cameras installed at a property are only allowed in public areas. They should be both visible and disclosed prior to the stay.

Animal welfare

Animal cruelty is not tolerated by Booking.com. Guests, partners, and Booking.com employees are expected to respect domestic animals and wildlife, and to provide living conditions for animals that align with our Animal Welfare Guidelines.

Data protection and privacy

Privacy: At Booking.com, we're committed to providing the best user experience for everybody who uses our travel services. That means we take your privacy seriously, protecting and safeguarding your personal info in accordance with our Privacy and Cookie Statement and applicable laws.
Keeping your data safe and secure is important to us. Booking.com protects your personal data and credit card info in line with applicable laws, including the GDPR and the data security standards of the Payment Card Industry (PCI DSS).

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