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Hoteli na plaži u Cannesu

Više od 1 milijun korisnika tijekom prošlog mjeseca navelo je da bi preporučili svojoj obitelji i prijateljima.

  • 10 najboljih hotela na plaži u Cannesu , Francuska

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Aktivnosti Cannes

La Croisette
“THE” place to see and be seen. This 3-km beachfront promenade is lined with haute couture boutiques, 5-star-plus hotels and exclusive eateries. It’s also famously known for the red-carpeted staircase that leads into the Louis Lumière Auditorium, venue of the annual Cannes Film Festival. If you’re a film lover, check out the famous handprints at Chemins d'étoiles. je pitao putnike...

Svatko od nas plažu doživljava na drugačiji način. Kako ste vi doživjeli plažu u gradu 'Cannes'?

Relaxing on the golden sand beach of Cannes, stargazing at the lovely people that come to the riviera to relax by the seaside. Beautiful promenade for strolling, biking, rollerblading. Great cafés,private cabanas if that's what you prefer.
Slightly overcrowded beaches, most of them private and quite expensive. Head to other smaller towns at the côte d'azur which have much nicer and free (or at least much cheaper) beaches
Easier to access a public sandy,clean beach than other reviews suggested.Weather is still warm in September.
Beautiful people, good service, good food, nice sand
There was nothing to do except go to the beach
play time for grandaughter
Sandy beach