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Guangzhou – 298 hotel dan tempat untuk menginap
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China Hotel Guangzhou-Free Canton Fair Shuttle Bus, hotel di Guangzhou

China Hotel, located at the heart of Guangzhou’s tourism culture, is just steps away from two iconic parks, Yue Xiu Park and Liu Hua Lake Park, providing a peaceful atmosphere for all leisure as well...

Skor 8.7
Dinilai hebat
1,131 reviu
Harga dariMYR 520.92setiap malam
Sofitel Guangzhou Sunrich - Registration Service and Free Shuttle Bus to Canton Fair Complex, hotel di Guangzhou

Towering over Tian He Business District, Sofitel Guangzhou Sunrich - Registration Service and Free Shuttle Bus to Canton Fair Complex features elegant rooms with 40-inch flat-screen TVs and facilities...

Skor 8.3
Sangat baik
Dinilai sangat baik
1,051 reviu
Harga dariMYR 535.13setiap malam
Ocean Hotel Guangzhou-Free Shuttle Bus to Canton Fair, hotel di Guangzhou

Ocean Hotel terletak hanya dalam jarak 5 minit pemanduan dari Stesen Kereta Api Bawah Tanah Ouzhuang (Pintu Keluar E) atau Stesen Kereta Api Bawah Tanah Taojin (Pintu Keluar A).

Skor 8.2
Sangat baik
Dinilai sangat baik
668 reviu
Harga dariMYR 260.88setiap malam
Paco Hotel Tiyuxilu Metro Guangzhou-Free Shuttle Bus fir Canton Fair, hotel di Guangzhou

Featuring free WiFi throughout the property, Paco Hotel Tiyu West Road Subway Station is located in Tianhe District.

Skor 8.0
Sangat baik
Dinilai sangat baik
605 reviu
Harga dariMYR 453.68setiap malam
Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou-Free Shuttle Bus to Canton Fair Complex & Overseas Buyer Registration Services during Canton Fair Period, hotel di Guangzhou

Terletak di pusat bandar, Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou menyediakan kolam renang dalaman, 7 pilihan tempat makan dan tab mandi panas.

Skor 9.2
Dinilai mengagumkan
340 reviu
Harga dariMYR 1,189.17setiap malam
Guangzhou Xin Yue Xin Hotel, hotel di Guangzhou

Guangzhou Xin Yue Xin Hotel is located in Guangzhou Huanshi Dong commercial district, 200 meters from Xiaobei Metro Station Exit C (Line 5).

Skor 6.4
Dinilai selesa
161 reviu
Harga dariMYR 212.24setiap malam
W Guangzhou, hotel di Guangzhou

W Guangzhou berjarak 15 minit berjalan kaki dari Muzium Guangzhou. Ia menawarkan kemewahan di pusat bandar.

Skor 8.3
Sangat baik
Dinilai sangat baik
117 reviu
Harga dariMYR 825.81setiap malam
Shangri-la Guangzhou -3 minutes by walking or free shuttle bus to Canton Fair & Overseas Buyers Registration Service, hotel di Guangzhou

Offering leisure facilities, Shangri-La Guangzhou features commanding views of the Pearl River and beautifully landscaped grounds.

Skor 8.2
Sangat baik
Dinilai sangat baik
212 reviu
Harga dariMYR 487.56setiap malam
Guang Dong Hotel, hotel di Guangzhou

Terletak di sepanjang Changdi Road yang sibuk, Guang Dong Hotel menawarkan penginapan yang elegan dengan pemandangan Pearl River.

Skor 6.1
Dinilai selesa
22 reviu
Harga dariMYR 177.05setiap malam
The Garden Hotel Guangzhou - Free shuttle between hotel and Exhibition Center during Canton Fair & Exhibitor registration Counter, hotel di Guangzhou

LN Garden Hotel, Guangzhou is the first landmark 5-star luxury hotel, it showcases a perfect blend of Cantonese heritage and contemporary sophistication.

Skor 8.4
Sangat baik
Dinilai sangat baik
1,094 reviu
Harga dariMYR 552.30setiap malam
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The City That Has It All

Historically known as Canton and China’s third largest city, Guangzhou is the birthplace of the most popular type of Chinese cuisine with iconic wonton soup and dim-sum. It boasts an impressive skyline, some of the oldest temples in the country and crowded markets with everything from tea to hi-tech electronics.

The busy city centre mesmerises with its futuristic architecture and beautifully lit skyscrapers but just a short trip away you can find yourself in the quiet haven of Nansha Wetland, a bird sanctuary. Rejuvenated with new energy you can then admire the traditional Cantonese architecture of Xiguan Residence, once occupied by the upper class.

One of the city’s most popular attractions, the Liurong Temple is an absolute must-see, dating back to the 6th century and featuring a 17-storey high pagoda. Make sure you don’t miss traditional buildings near Yide Road as they’re slowly being removed from the map due to the city’s rapid growth.

From a 1000-year-old lake garden, to plenty of theme parks, relaxing rolling hills and mountains, Guangzhou seems to indeed have it all! Add impressive street markets and shopping centres and you’re up for a fascinating ride.

Guangzhou Airport is a convenient metro or taxi ride away and Booking.com provides over 390 different accommodation options for you to choose from.

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