Explore and find hotels in Algeria

Algeria is a vast open-air museum of Roman relics. The majority of the country is covered by the Sahara Desert, with the Atlas Mountains slicing through the sand and sloping down to the Mediterranean coastline. Venture into the mystical Sahara region and you’ll discover the country’s core of crimson-red sand and majestic dunes. The limestone plateau of the M’zab Valley is one of the region’s highlights, made up of five walled cities dating back to the 11th century. Roman ruins are scattered throughout the country, as well as some dating back to Phoenician and Byzantine eras. Some of the best preserved pieces of Roman remains can be found in Batna, Sétif and Timgad – known as the ‘Pompeii of Africa’. The capital of Algiers is undoubtedly the cultural centre of Algeria, with its myriad of narrow streets home to the Monument of Martyrs and the UNESCO site of the Casbah. The majority of accommodation types are hotels and apartments, with the bulk of these found in Algiers and Oran, the second-largest city.