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At first glance, you might think Tunisia has been hard done by in terms of land area. It’s wedged between two of North Africa’s largest nations, as though it’s being forced into the Mediterranean Sea. But dig deeper and you’ll discover enough history and diversity to rival any country, no matter what the size. Tunis, the ancient capital, boasts boisterous Medinas, grand mosques and fascinating museums. Bardo Museum is the most popular, partly for its time-honoured collection and partly due to its stunning location, inside a marvellous 13th-century Beylic Palace. But Tunisia’s history is best appreciated in Carthage, an ancient trade metropolis that was sacked by the Romans. Take the short train ride from the capital for the chance to explore this remarkable site. Between here and the city of Monastir, on Tunisia’s central coast, are more white-sand beaches than you can count. Most belong to well-developed tourist hotspots, such as Sousse and Hammamet, but there are others which have remained off the radar. Try El Haouaria, on the tip of Cap Bon, or Plage de Chaffar, near the city of Sfax. Beach fan or not, there’s plenty more to discover in Tunisia. Away from the coastline, it’s the rugged mountains, Saharan deserts and towering sand dunes that tend to leave the greatest impression. The vast majority of hotels and private apartments can be found strung along the coast between Tunis and the Djerba peninsula in the south. Predictably, most of these are in the busier resorts.

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