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Gabon is a wildlife wonderland. Over 11% of the country is designated as national parkland, making it a playground for nature lovers. Gabon also boasts white-sand beaches, waterfalls and the majestic Crystal Mountains. There are eight National Parks to be explored on Gabon, with each varying in landscape and wildlife. Loango features a 100-km stretch of beautiful beach neighboured by rich rainforests inhabited by the likes of leopards, elephants and gorillas. Local guides can lead you through the thick savanna and forest of Lopé National Park, where you’ll come across chimpanzees, buffalo and the biggest mandrill troupes in the world. The large city of Libreville gives a taste of civilisation, with vibrant street markets, shops and a blissful seafront among its highlights. Most accommodation is available in Libreville, but basic hotels can be found in many towns across the country.

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