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Cameroon is a country of wonderfully varied landscapes, where over 200 languages are spoken. There are the rugged, volcanic plateaus that stretch from east to west, wildlife-rich rainforests in the south, and miles of arid plains in between. The capital city, Yaoundé, is spread over seven hills, boasting a collection of Art Deco and modern government buildings. Towering on the hillside is the Unity Palace, a striking piece of architecture home to the President of Cameroon. From here, as well as the seaport city of Douala, you can head out to areas of great natural beauty. In the south, Limbe sits between the green foothills of Mount Cameroon, which can be climbed in two days, and several palm-fringed beaches. You may also want to venture north to navigate a rugged ring road that surrounds an area of vibrant valleys and dramatic mountains called Grassfields. There’s a good range of accommodation options spread through Cameroon. Hotels, villas, guest houses and self-catering apartments can be found in all the major cities and towns, and a few others in the more remote areas.

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