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3 popular regions in Ghana:

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    Greater Accra
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Ghana’s richness is apparent in everything from its natural landscapes to its diverse population and delicious street food. Its national parks may be smaller than others in West Africa, but they are just as thrilling to explore. Visit Mole National Park to the north, for the chance to witness herds of elephants making their way through the grassy plains. Or travel south, to Kakum National Park’s Canopy Walkway – a suspended footbridge 30 metres above the forest floor. Wild African safaris aren’t the only thing Ghana has to offer. The country’s Atlantic coastline boasts a selection of golden beaches, protected lagoons and its increasingly hip capital, Accra. This city’s diverse culture is best appreciated at the Makola Market, where vendors sell everything from hand-stitched clothes to tasty snacks, and Labadi Beach, where the relaxing reggae vibes are rarely interrupted.To the west, Cape Coast’s old whitewashed castle offers an insight into the local history. The majority of accommodation types are hotels and guest houses, with the bulk of these found along the coast and also in Kumasi, the second-largest city.