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Located in the northeast Caribbean, Saint Martin is a cruise ship hub for tourists who come to revel in its nightlife, diverse cuisine and year-round warm weather. The island is separated into two nations, with the French side of Saint Martin to the north and Ducth side of Sint Maarten to the south. With 37 stretches of sandy shoreline, beaches are undoubtedly the island’s biggest selling point. Scattered throughout all corners of Saint Martin, you’ll find everything from peacefully secluded bays to bustling beach bars, Maho Bay is particularly famous, and is close to the airport. Water sports enthusiasts can enjoy a wide range of activities, including snorkeling, diving and jet skiing. The island features a huge selection of restaurants, serving delicious fusion cuisine dishes. Of course you’ll find plenty of freshly caught seafood, as well as traditional barbecues served with local spices and Creole sauces. As the sun sets over Saint Martin, the island’s trendy beach bars, clubs and casinos come to life, with lively Maho village looking like a mini Las Vegas. You’ll find accommodation on all sides of the island, with large beach resorts dominating most areas.

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