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Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, has been a rich cultural hub for centuries thanks to travelers and traders. Located in North Holland, the city is famous for its iconic canal system, distinctive row houses, and eclectic range of museums, including the Anne Frank House, the Van Gogh Museum, and the Rijksmuseum.

Great public transit options include buses and streetcars, but bicycles are the quintessential mode of transportation in Amsterdam. The 250 miles of bike paths and 8,000 bike parking spaces make exploring the city on two wheels easy and fun.

The city's medieval center, or "Centrum," showcases many points of interest synonymous with Amsterdam tourism, including canals, traditional architecture, and the famous nightlife of the Red Light District. If you're visiting during tulip season, stop by Keukenhof's botanical garden in mid-April for its vibrant collection of blooming flowers.

A variety of accommodations can be found across the city, from high-end hotels to cozy homestays and hostels. Schiphol—Amsterdam’s main airport—is just 9 miles southwest of the city and is connected by regular train services from the city center to the main terminal.


From $61 per night

Next weekend

From $162 per night

Most popular time to visit October-December
Cheapest time to visit January-March
Local currency € 1 = $1.08
Language Dutch
Average weekend price $158 per night
Average weekday price $165 per night
Average stay 2 nights

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it was amassing to walk in the roads especially during the...

January 26, 2023

it was amassing to walk in the roads especially during the night while during the day you may attract by thousand windows in the buildings facades. Museums and channel sailing were fantastic and very attractive.

Djana Albania

Everything is convenient.

January 26, 2023

Everything is convenient. The bicycles and trams function superbly. There's something for everyone. I personally love museums, markets, bar-hopping, and cycling. There are many restaurants so choose wisely. It's a very romantic place for a couple. And very fun for two couples to travel together. Book in advance if you can! Don't leave your activities to the day of. The Seafood Bar was an unexpected delight! Best place to eat. De Pjip was my favourite shopping spot. Vondelpark is lovely for a walk. And a boat cruise is also a must!

Natasha South Africa

The circle line canal cruise can be picked up at Anne Frank...

January 25, 2023

The circle line canal cruise can be picked up at Anne Frank house and was really good value ,16€ per person( 01/23) heated boat , full glass ceiling , open back terrace for photos and amusing guide with great insights. The Anne Frank museum is a must. Also consider getting a guided tour in the museums as they really know the best bits to see. The 9 streets area for shopping is fabulous also great location to stay in.Also we tried 2 restaurants we loved Maris Piper near the museums and Restaurant 't Zwaantje on Berenstraat.

Jacqueline Portugal

It was an amazing city.

January 24, 2023

It was an amazing city. Possibly the quietest city I’ve ever visited. The museums are excellent and the food was better than anticipated. The people are very friendly and polite. The scenery is so nice that if you only wandered around aimlessly it would be a great day.

Laurie United States of America

Amsterdam to me is the perfect mix between a romantic Venice...

January 22, 2023

Amsterdam to me is the perfect mix between a romantic Venice and a modern London. It's a beautiful, clean and healthy city, in which you will be able to enjoy quiet times as much as party around. You will be able to eat what you like, wether it's healthy or junk food. It's incredibly nice to walk around the streets and the many canals. City is big enough to enjoy different places but small enough to cross it in 40 minutes just by walking. Service in restaurants a bit slow everywhere, but it doesn't make people unpleasant.

Anonymous France

Amsterdam has a bit of a reputation for being awash with...

January 19, 2023

Amsterdam has a bit of a reputation for being awash with certain 'herbs',rowdy Batchelor parties, and sex workers. When in reality Amsterdam is a beautiful city with two sides! Though the stereotypes ring true in certain areas, the beautiful Dutch culture, the bikes, coffee shops, museums, shops and canals provide the perfect solo escape to focus the mind. Getting around is very simple with extensive travel networks and I would definitely recommend staying in a hotel near a tram stop and purchasing a 24 hour travel ticket, as this is by far the best way to travel especially in colder months! In warmer months I imagine renting a bike is equally as convenient. Avoid taxis wherever possible as they charge an unbelievably high price - something I learnt the hard way. I took a visit to Vondelpark and found it very grey and dull, with a huge cycle lane in the centre and pedestrians on the muddy edges as well as many street dealers - somewhere I would avoid in future. On the other hand - The Van Gogh Museum was a treat, and a must see! I was lost in there for hours. The staff where lovely and helpful with a ticket issue I had and small souvenirs are very reasonably priced. I found many lovely places for a coffee and nice evening meal. In general, go a little out the centre for a more relaxed atmosphere. Just 10 mins or so by tram should get you somewhere lovely - 'Bonnie's' and 'Caffenation' are two places I really enjoyed.


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