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Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, has been a rich cultural hub for centuries thanks to travelers and traders. Located in North Holland, the city is famous for its iconic canal system, distinctive row houses, and eclectic range of museums, including the Anne Frank House, the Van Gogh Museum, and the Rijksmuseum.

Great public transit options include buses and streetcars, but bicycles are the quintessential mode of transportation in Amsterdam. The 250 miles of bike paths and 8,000 bike parking spaces make exploring the city on two wheels easy and fun.

The city's medieval center, or "Centrum," showcases many points of interest synonymous with Amsterdam tourism, including canals, traditional architecture, and the famous nightlife of the Red Light District. If you're visiting during tulip season, stop by Keukenhof's botanical garden in mid-April for its vibrant collection of blooming flowers.

A variety of accommodations can be found across the city, from high-end hotels to cozy homestays and hostels. Schiphol—Amsterdam’s main airport—is just 9 miles southwest of the city and is connected by regular train services from the city center to the main terminal.


From $67 per night

This weekend

From $567 per night

Next weekend

From $243 per night

Most popular time to visit July-September
Cheapest time to visit January-March
Local currency € 1 = $1.16
Language Dutch
Average weekend price $137 per night
Average weekday price $137 per night
Average stay 2 nights

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One of the most beautiful, friendly, welcoming cities in...

October 23, 2021

One of the most beautiful, friendly, welcoming cities in Europe. The food, the people, the sights, the sounds, and most importantly the canals. With all the coffeeshops, musuems, parks, and restaurants there isnt enpugh time to explore the magnificent beauty of the dutch city of Amsterdam.

Mikels United States of America

Amsterdam is a very nice city.

October 16, 2021

Amsterdam is a very nice city. Just simply walking around allows you to see many different things and reaching the many attractions is quite easy by foot or public transit. There are many, many different restaurants to eat at so you can eat each meal at a different place with a different menu even if you stay a week like I did.


Amsterdam is a great city, whether visiting for the first...

October 10, 2021

Amsterdam is a great city, whether visiting for the first time or over the years. The transportation is so good, it is foolish to rent a car while staying in the city. Great food, beautiful vistas, great museums. The only caveat is that prices for food and for entrance to the attractions have risen astronomically.

wanderwoman424 United States of America

If you've never been to Amsterdam, it requires a couple...

October 7, 2021

If you've never been to Amsterdam, it requires a couple of days of orientation. It is a complex city with a lot to offer. It's important if you want to see any of the great museums there, that you book your tickets in advance. The boat rides are informative and a good way to get out of the rain and see things you'd never thought of seeing. It's nice to spend a lot of time walking or riding bikes or trams to see the different neighborhoods and enjoy the incredible architecture.

Brandt Germany

Pros: Lots of culture, arts, museums, restaurants, bars,...

September 28, 2021

Pros: Lots of culture, arts, museums, restaurants, bars, canal cruises. Beautiful architecture, sculptures. Cons: Literally thousands of bicyclists and mopeds zooming all around you all the time while you're trying to walk, view the sites and enjoy your day.

Charles United States of America

We walked( 14 miles one day) we rented bikes, we used our...

September 11, 2021

We walked( 14 miles one day) we rented bikes, we used our Eurail pass and took day trips. Amsterdam is a perfect destination and starting point to see some of Belgium and The Netherlands. Everyone speaks English. You can eat every type of food and it’s often very good. Not an inexpensive city but worth the cost overall

Linda United States of America

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