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Nestled on the banks of the River Oder, Wrocław offers a mix of baroque architecture, medieval market squares and vibrant student culture, providing an alternative to Poland’s more visited cities, Warsaw and Kraków.

The former Silesian capital has undergone many transitions across its history, changing hands between German, Bohemian and Polish rulers throughout. During the Enlightenment, progressive German literature found its way to Wrocław while in recent years, the city was awarded European Capital of Culture status.

Steeped in 13th-century Gothic architecture, the city’s Old Town and nearby Cathedral Island are home to some of Poland’s best churches, including Wrocław Cathedral. Alternatively, the Four Denomination and Nadodrze districts offer craft beer venues and moody nightlife with a sophisticated European feel.

Poland’s fourth-largest city features many intriguing cultural landmarks, with the Racławice Panorama, Wrocław Africarium, Wrocław Opera and Kolejkowe – Poland’s largest model railway – being some of its best. If you're looking to explore Wrocław on foot, keep an eye out for some of the 600 dwarf statuettes and 100 bridges scattered around the city.

Wrocław’s foodie culture is alive and well at restaurants like Pod Fredra or Konspira, where you’ll find traditional Polish cuisine in ironic Soviet surroundings. However, the Old Town’s Świdnica Cellar is where you should head for a memorable dining experience. It's one of Europe’s oldest restaurants dating back to 1273 and you’ll be able to enjoy bar food and pilsner in underground cellars once frequented by Picasso, Chopin and Sigismund of Bohemia.


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Most popular time to visit October-December
Cheapest time to visit January-March
Local currency 10 zł = $2.30
Language Polish
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Average stay 1 night

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Nice quiet city, with friendly people.

March 21, 2023

Nice quiet city, with friendly people. Most things are within walking distance or you can use the transport system very easily. Not touristy at all, so you should plan ahead if you want to visit monuments. Its a more relaxed atmosphere. Most tours are out of the city, and many can be arranged by yourself if you figure out the train system. Lots of shopping options at the 3 malls and hundreds of smaller shops. Nice zoo and aquarium for families.

Elene Cyprus

Wroclaw is one of my favourite cities!

March 13, 2023

Wroclaw is one of my favourite cities! Old Town is wonderful to explore with all the statues of gnomes to discover and a variety of bars, cafes, restaurants and clubs to choose from. Don't forget to visit the flower market at Solny Square and take a stroll to Ostrow Tumski. You will not be disappointed, this city never sleeps ad had a lot to offer for everyone!

Anna United Kingdom

Wrocław is my hometown, so I can't be an objective in my...

March 9, 2023

Wrocław is my hometown, so I can't be an objective in my opinion... I think is a great city with many an interesting places to see. I think there is plenty for any traveler to satisfy the taste buds, the eyes and the soul... I hope You can enjoy Wrocław🙂

DOROTA United Kingdom

My children and I felt comfortable and safe in Wroclaw.

February 16, 2023

My children and I felt comfortable and safe in Wroclaw. There are many interesting places and viewing them gives you pleasure. I was particularly impressed by the city's zoo, dwarf monuments, the town hall building, and the church. There are many food outlets and this gives you many choices to taste interesting dishes. I especially liked POKO BAKERY, which is a comfortable, pleasant environment and good service. It is a comfortable city for spending interesting and impressive holidays with children.

Tamari Georgia

Not my favourite city in Poland to visit.

January 29, 2023

Not my favourite city in Poland to visit. Main reason for my review was that after a long day of travelling and flying, the accomodation that I had booked into for the first night COIN APARTMENTY ATAL TOWERS did not provide me with sufficient important information on how to gain access to the property and so I had to search and pay a 2nd time for alternative accomodation. After trying to contact the Apartment many times upon our arrival by the phone number given on the booking there was never any response to anyone answering my calls. Even when I contacted Booking.Com, even they could not get any response their phone call. Coin Apartment refused to refund, even although they broke the original contract ie check in 8pm changed to 6pm. Completely ruined my experience of Wroclaw.

Helena United Kingdom

I've been visiting Wroclaw for over a decade now and I...

January 26, 2023

I've been visiting Wroclaw for over a decade now and I still find more to Love about the place. The local beer is really good. The food, accomodation and nightlife is great. But for me the architecture,scenery and just the general 'vibe' while walking around this beautiful little city are what keeps me coming back. Although the prices have been rising recently (I noticed a 30% rise for eating out in some establishments post COVID) It is Still one of the best value places to visit in Europe.

Denis Poland

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