Explore and find hotels in Burundi

Boasting some of the best beaches on the entire continent, Burundi sits within East Africa bordered by Rwanda, Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The country also includes a stunning array of wildlife within its many nature reserves and national parks. Bujumbura (or Buju as it’s commonly known) is the capital and will provide you with the best base for exploring the sights Burundi has to offer. In town you’ll find a natural history museum with a traditional village onsite, and the Rusizi National Park – home to hippos, crocodiles and exotic birds. Lake Tanganyika, one of the largest lakes in the world, offers a number of activities along its shores, including snorkelling, scuba diving and kayaking. For the best beaches, check out Bora Bora, Karera, Saga Plage And Geny’s. Burundi is also known for its welcoming locals and entertaining displays of music and culture. Be sure to try and catch a traditional drumming performance, with various shows taking place in each city. Hotels and guest houses are available in the northern beach resorts and around the lake, city centre and in the surrounding hills.