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A largely undeveloped island nation populated by hundreds of different ethnic groups, speaking over 800 indigenous languages among them – it’s fair to say Papua New Guinea is something of a mystery for travellers. The main island is split evenly with Indonesia, though the half belonging to Papua New Guinea certainly has its fair share of natural riches. Lush rainforest, mountain lakes and active volcanoes are all found inland, while coral reefs and white-sand beaches overlap on the coasts. For an unforgettable view, head to the Highlands where Mount Wilhelm, the highest mountain in Oceania, looms large. Or embark on an adventure along the the many trails of the Kokoda Track, which crosses the Owen Stanley Range in the south. The southern region is also home to Port Moresby, the country’s bustling capital. Here you’ll find architectural landmarks like the National Museum & Art Gallery, which exhibits old artefacts recovered from tribal groups around the nation. Despite its natural beauty, its these ethnic groups that make Papua New Guinea truly unique. Each one has its own proud traditions, from elaborate dresses to enthralling song and dance rituals. Go during one of the many local festivals to see it all on full display. The bulk of accommodation can be found Port Moresby, with a range of hotel and spa resorts and private apartments on offer. There’s also a selection of seaside resorts to the south and on the volcanic island of New Britain.

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