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Indonesia is a nation of staggering statistics; as the fourth most populous country in the world, it’s made up of 8,000 inhabited islands (more than 17,000 across the entire archipelago) and over 300 different native languages spoken across them. The end result is an enchanting melting pot of cultures, cuisines and dramatic landscapes. As the world’s largest archipelago, Indonesia is fully stocked with mesmerising natural sights. The white sands of Bali’s beaches are legendary, but you’ll find the secluded bays of Maluku, Nusa Tenggara and Sulawesi equally as enticing. Some of the best scuba diving sites in the world can be found along Indonesia’s stunning coastline, as well as top-notch surf spots. For a true trekking adventure, places like Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park and the Ijen Crater in East Java and Mount Batur in Bali allow you to have close encounters with active volcanoes, with the country hosting over 150 of them. The country is a treasure trove of historical and cultural attractions, with wonderfully contrasting vibes as you travel from one part to the next. In Central Java, you’ll encounter Borobudur – the world’s largest Buddhist monument, while nearby Prambanan showcases an impressive collection of ancient Hindu temples. You’ll find a huge selection of accommodation in the popular destinations like Bali and Jakarta, ranging from cosy guesthouses to high-end hotels. In more rural areas, there’s a sprinkling of campsites, lodges and holiday parks to rest up after a day of exploring.

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