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Located on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, Lisbon is one of Portugal's most charming cities. Walk down any of its cobblestone streets and there's a good chance you'll come across some traditional fado music or "pastelarias" serving fresh "pastéis de nata" or custard tarts. The old-fashioned tram 28 is one of the last of its kind still operating in the city, and provides a fun way to get between the popular Graça, Alfama, Baixa, and Estrela districts.

The central Bairro Alto district is a great place to try out some of the capital's famous cuisine. Be sure to order some "bacalhau à Brás" (shredded cod with onions, eggs, and potatoes) or a classic "cozido à portuguesa" stew.

Visit the ancient São Jorge castle and Santa Justa Elevator for a fascinating blend of history and panoramic views. Lisbon is also home to Ponte Vasco da Gama—the longest bridge in Europe—and its sister bridge, San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge, Ponte 25 de Abril.

Lisbon also has great surfing spots like Carcavelos and Costa da Caparica, offering plenty of long sandy beaches.


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Experience laidback living and delicious local cuisine in ‘The City of Seven Hills’.

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Since we only had one day after our cruise, we definitely...

October 11, 2017

Since we only had one day after our cruise, we definitely want to return to see all of Lisbon and the surrounding areas! We fell in love with the colors, tiles, architecture, food and people! Most of our day was in the Alfama neighborhood. We walked through the Saturday market, and found nicer products farther up the hill. We enjoyed the unique variety of items being sold! We walked along the riverside, watched the sunset with the bridge and statue as backdrops; then dinner near our hotel, and a short rest in our comfy room at Hotel Riverside Alfama, before our 2:45am taxi picked us up right in front of the hotel and we had an easy trip to the airport. Our Lisbon experience was short, but fantastic!!

Anonymous United States of America

Lisbon, friendly as you like

October 1, 2017

Lisbon, friendly as you like Lisbon is my favourite place if I need a short break from daily routines. According to the common experience the best time to visit the city is May, June and similarly September and October. I was there at the end of May this year, when the excellent weather multiplied my impressing. There is no problem to find a hotel in the city any time. Actually, we appreciated the Alif Hotel Avenidas for its position and for the professional service. For those, who would follow us, we recommended the breakfast services offered by the hotel. The position of the hotel is really important. Lisbon has a very effective net of public transport, so that you can easily reach the hotel from the Lisbon Airport by using only the red line of the metro. Get off at the terminal called Sao Sebastiao. If you prefer to use the public transport is the cheapest way to use Lisbon Card. You travel could travel free by all possible means, including all sorts of elevators as well. So, enjoy the famous tram No.28 as well as the vertical Santa Justa Lift.

Eva Czech Republic

Lisbon is a beautiful city, a wonderful city to walk in (but...

March 20, 2017

Lisbon is a beautiful city, a wonderful city to walk in (but be prepared for a lot of hills!) The Portuguese people are very friendly, maybe a little less so in Lisbon than in the other main cities and the countryside, but even the people of Lisbon are, in general, helpful and congenial. The cafes and bakeries are wonderful. There's a lot of nice, old architecture. Plenty of sites to visit for tourists. Plenty of nice neighborhoods to discover. Also, for the budget-oriented traveler, Lisbon and Portugal in general is a very reasonably priced place to visit. The food is real affordable. It's easy to find nice places to stay at affordable prices, especially outside of Lisbon. Affordable lodging in Lisbon that is also well-kept is a little more difficult to find, but possible.

Lester Brazil

We just had an overnight stay between two flights.

March 1, 2017

We just had an overnight stay between two flights. We had intended to visit the aquarium but found the hotel room so pleasant that we stayed in. From previous visits I can recommend the aquarium and the castle. The former Expo site and the funicular in town are fun too. El Corte Ingles is good if you like shopping - like the big stores in London but more laid back :-)

Karyn Germany

Awesome experience.

February 2, 2017

Awesome experience. Get a pass at the metro station for the days you'll be there and it will cover bus, tram, subway, and you will never be stranded! I paid 12 euro for two days and I used it a lot. Take tram 28 up the hills for the full ride and experience Lisbon. I stayed at the 7 hotel for 47 euro. They even gave me a ceramic tile (with Hotel 7 on it of course) but still was free and I'll use it! Have their little custard pies. Sooo yummy.

Jo United States of America

City is beautiful with amazing architecture , people and...

June 21, 2018

City is beautiful with amazing architecture , people and climate. Has Charming narrow streets. I wish I had more time to explore , but will surely come back ! My fave spots were Bairo Alto, a trip with tram 28 is recommended and offers a nice view of the city. Taxis are cheap. A visit to Hotel Mundial roof top bar is recommended and offers a great view over the Lisbon skyline and great drinks. A VISIT TO Alfama is recommended as well- a vibrant quarter, pulsating and with Latin music. Lissabon has it all.

Ivana Denmark

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