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One of Europe's Culture Capitals

Once a city of steel and coal mining, Essen is now one of the cultural capitals of Europe, and one of Germany’s greenest cities. It's home to many historical landmarks like the Cathedral of Essen and Nikolauskirche, along with the charismatic half-timbered medieval quarters of Kettwig.

The botanical garden of Grugapark has a host of plants and flora, while Essen’s historical past is displayed through landmarks like Basilica St Ludgerus, Alte Kirche and the Old Synagogue Essen.

The main shopping area is based around Kettwiger Strasse, in the vicinity of Essen’s medieval Dom featuring several priceless artworks. Museum Folkwang features 19th and 20th-century art and several cafés, bars and restaurants line the city’s streets.

In summer you can swim, windsurf, take a boat ride or enjoy a picnic on the banks of Lake Baldeney and the Baldeneysee Seaside Beach. Essen has ice-skating rinks in some areas during winter. Movie Park Germany is also a popular attraction.

Essen Central Station features direct links to Oberhausen, Dortmund, Cologne, Duisburg, and Dusseldorf. has tons of accommodations in North Rhine-Westphalia and Essen.

What Guests Said About Essen:

  • Scored 6.0

    We were attending a concert in Glesenkirchen stadium and...

    We were attending a concert in Glesenkirchen stadium and this was a good place to stay with parking at the hotel. We stayed a the Sheraton hotel in Edson, close to metro and tube station with underground car park.
    United Kingdom
  • Scored 10

    Unfortunately, the city seems to be full of Turks and other...

    Unfortunately, the city seems to be full of Turks and other foreign suspicious and uncomfortable suspect individuals... However, I was lucky to meet a few (but ony a few) real "Esseners" and they were just fabulous. Great people, the original Esseners.
  • Scored 4.0

    Essen was mostly destroyed in the war.

    Essen was mostly destroyed in the war. Everything in the city center is either ugly 50s or even uglier 70s buildings. The shopping district has mostly Döner take-aways and mobile phone shops, public transport grinds to a 30-minute tact after 20h even on the main lines and stops at 23h, cultural offers are sparse (but if you have a car, you can always travel over the always jammed A40 to Düsseldorf, Dortmund or Duisburg … also ugly, but slightly bigger, Düsseldorf even has car sharing providers that none of the other have). Nicer houses are in Essen-Bredeney on the hill-top with the Villa Krupp and in Essen-Werden, where the Folkwang University has a good concert and performance schedule, the Baldeney See is a huge lake and the Zeche Zollverein an interesting mining-related museum with cool tours, and Museum Folkwang has surprisingly many big names for such a poor city. But other than that, avoid Essen at all cost.
  • Scored 8.0

    Our visit to Essen was prompted by our attendance at a stamp...

    Our visit to Essen was prompted by our attendance at a stamp collectors' exhibition at the "Messe". The exhibition halls and facilities are world class. We also visited the excellent art Museum Folkwang, and the new museums at the UNESCO World Heritage Site Zollverein (discontinued but preserved coal mine and coke processing plant) as well as the Krupp family mansion, "Villa Hugel". Essen is off the beaten tourist path, which is not at all a bad thing. Public transportation was esy to use with a 24/48 hour pass but the main train station was pretty confusing.
    United States of America
  • Scored 10

    Apartment was great, very clean, and It looks exactly like...

    Apartment was great, very clean, and It looks exactly like on the pictures! The location is also great, very close to metro station, 15min away from city center. I highly recommend it, especially for big groups, since there was more than enough space. The only one little things: there is no hairdryer in the apartment
  • Scored 8.0

    Not much to do in Essen.

    Not much to do in Essen. I was there for a security event, so it was a fly-in fly-out for four days. I wanted to have time to visit some historical sights, but nothing within walking distance from the city centre. The town is full of shops, restaurants and bars. But that's pretty much it; I wouldn't recommend it as a place to visit.

Explore guest reviews of hotels in Essen

  • From $128.50 per night
    Scored 8.3
    Rated very good
    Very Good
     · 1,196 reviews
    We have stayed at the Schmactenburg several times; this is our favorite hotel in Essen. Our dear friend lives in Essen and the hotel is literally 90 seconds from our friend's flat! The staff is amazing--Hielike (sp?) and the rest of the staff are both friendly and helpful. We have eaten at the restaurant twice and each time the food has been amazing!!! Our compliments to the chefs each time! The hotel has an old time feel and comfort with updated rooms and amenities! Can't imagine staying anywhere else in Essen!!!
    Tina M.
  • From $73.51 per night
    Scored 8.5
    Rated very good
    Very Good
     · 3,778 reviews
    We stayed in this hotel while visiting Essen for the Spiel 2023. We were happily surprised by the room size, which was bigger than we expected. We could spaciously accommodate all the board games we bought. We want to highlight that the room was very clean and comfortable (the bed was very big also). We thank a lot the free water bottles (1 still, 1 sparkly) that we had each day at our room. The room was not noisy at all, as the windows effectively isolated us from the road cars sound. 100% recommended
  • From $71.38 per night
    Scored 8.4
    Rated very good
    Very Good
     · 3,257 reviews
    I go to Essen every year for a few days of board games (the Essen Spiel in October). For that purpose, the hotel is very convenient: great location, close to downtown and the convention; has its own (paid) parking lot; AMAZING breakfast (lots of warm and cold options, really well made and plentiful); tables to play games later on.
  • From $82.33 per night
    Scored 8.1
    Rated very good
    Very Good
     · 4,228 reviews
    This is probably the best hotel of them all i Essen. Super !!!!
  • From $77.75 per night
    Scored 7.6
    Rated good
     · 3,085 reviews
    The hotel is located a short walk to Essen HBF and U bahns.
    United Kingdom