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What Guests Said About Chitral:

  • 8.0
    Scored 8.0

    The road trip to Chitral is scenic and hectic.

    The road trip to Chitral is scenic and hectic. The Motorway from Islamabad to Chitral ends at Chakdara (220 KM) after which the road on and off due to Landslide is in bad shape. The most interesting view are of the Tall mountains and the Lowari Tunner which is 10.7 KM long in a mountain. The road leading towards the Tunnel is exciting and amazing (both ways). Since this was an official tour - we couldn't do much but heard that there are a lot of things to visit like the National Park and view to good mountain Peaks. Passed the way to Kalash Valley as well which off-course we skipped due to a tight schedule. Overall if one loves to be around nature and likes the peace and quiet - Chitral is a must must go. To enjoy one must take the Road Trip which is 8 hours exact from Islamabad - Nothing more nothing less. Same for return as well. Since we have visited via road next trip should be By Air :). Hotels like Roomy & Hindukash Heights are very comfortable and maintaining standards so far. Since they are on the higher side other cheap options also available depending on taste and budget.
    Mohammad Ahmed