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Ostfriesland: Highlights

Attend a ship launch at the Meyer Werft shipyard
Relive 200 years of industrial heritage in the Meyer Werft shipyard, where many of the world’s finest luxury passenger ships have rolled off the line.
Mudflat hiking along the North Sea coast
Guided or guideless, it's possible to explore these UNESCO mudflats at low tide. Intrepid hikers can even reach the islands of Norderney, Baltrum, Langeoog and Spiekeroog.
Traditional Teestube lounges
The Teestube classic, a cup of tea with rock sugar and thick cream, explains why East Frisians’ tea consumption is twelve times above the German average!
The East Frisian Islands by bike
Cars are banned on the islands of Spiekeroog, Juist, Langeoog and Wangerooge. Biking is a pleasant and eco-friendly means of exploring these picturesque atolls.
East Frisian spa towns
All 7 East Frisian Islands and several adjoining North Sea towns are certified spa resorts thanks to their fresh air,unspoiled beaches and relaxed atmosphere.
The game of Klootschieten
Join the locals in a traditional game of Klootschieten, where the goal is to manoeuvre a ball along a country lane in as few throws as possible.
Germany's smallest bar
Kleinste Kneipe Up’n Prüfstand in Varel is a cosy spot for a beer, even though it has no tables or chairs. At 4.5 m², it's the smallest bar in Germany!
River Leda's hand-towed ferry
A Pünte is a traditional ferry propelled by its passengers, holding up to 30 people and 3 cars. Cross River Leda by jumping on one of these in the city of Leer.
HIkingalong Ewiges Meer Lake
Ewiges Meer Lake shows the region's natural beauty. A multitude of archaeological discoveries have been made in the verdant landscape that surrounds it.
Germany’s last horse-drawn railway
Built in 1885, this horse-drawn train runs on rails all the way from Spiekeroog village to the island's western beach.

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