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Lefkada highlights

Egremni Beach
347 wooden steps lead down to this long stretch of white-sand beach bordered by elegant cliffs and picture-perfect turquoise waters.
Dimosari Waterfalls
A 20-minute hike to this stunning waterfall with its lush vegetation gives you the opportunity to take a dip in its refreshing pool.
Windsurfing on Vasiliki Beach
A dream location for windsurfers, the lively Vassiliki Beach teems with energy as countless colourful sails glide effortlessly across its surface.
Agios Nikitas Village
A vehicle-free zone, this picturesque traditional village serves up local specialties, and the adjacent Milos Beach is a must-see.
Porto Katsiki Beach
One of the island’s highest-rated beaches, Porto Katsiki boasts perfect powder-blue waters and shaded nooks created by the majestic cliffs.
Skorpios Island
Take a boat trip from Nydri to get a closer look at this paradisiac private island once owned by billionaire Aristotle Onasis.
Karya Village
Perched on Mount Elati, charming Karya is known for its stone houses and traditional needlework embroidery made by the village’s women.
Exanthia Village sunsets
Exanthia Village serves as Lefkada’s 'big balcony' from which the best views of the island’s glorious golden sunsets can be enjoyed.
Agia Mavra Castle
Built in 1300 to protect the island against enemy attacks, today the Agia Marvel Castle is host to a variety of summer cultural events.

A Mythological Marvel

The beautiful Ionian island of Lefkada (or Lefkas) is the only Greek island that you can visit by car, since it is connected to the mainland by a long causeway and a bridge. It features some of the most beautiful sandy beaches with turquoise waters.

Immersed in mythology, Cape Lefkada is the southern point of the island and the place where the Greek female poet Sappho committed suicide. Visit this historic place of the island and admire the imposing lighthouse and the spectacular view from the cliffs.

The island has a variety of great resorts like Nikiana and Vasiliki. Overlooking the charming island of Aristotle Onassis, the small touristic village of Nidri is only 21 km away from Lefkada Town and houses a great selection of hotels and apartments.

Connected also with the Homeric Odyssey, Lefkas is home to a variety of stunning exotic beaches like Porto Katsiki, Egremni and Kathisma. Agios Ioannis beach is the perfect spot for windsurfing and kitesurfing lovers, thanks to the strong winds.

Lefkas is a unique island full of lush greenery, high mountains and marvellous waterfalls. Book a luxurious hotel, apartment or villa through Booking.com and explore everything this fascinating place has to offer.

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