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Warsaw's history is told though its architecture, from its restored Gothic structures to steel high-rises and everything in between. The Royal Castle served as the monarchy's residence for about 300 years before it was totally destroyed in WW2. Then, there's the Palace of Culture and Science, which dates back to the Soviet era, remains Poland's tallest structure, and now houses theaters, bars, museums, and an observation deck on the 30th floor.

The city's complex story unfolds even further in all of its great museums. The Warsaw Rising Museum covers the history of the Warsaw Uprising in 1944 through interactive displays, photographs, and film archives.

Though there's history down every street, Warsaw is as modern as any other European capital, full of gorgeous green spaces like Lazienki Park, as well as a variety of Polish and fushion restaurants, cozy bars, and galleries in the beautifully restored old town. Take a guided tour of Old Praga to discover the city's besk kept secrets. Then, when night falls, head over to Mazowiecka Street to experience the best of Warsaw’s vibrant nightlife.


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Local currency 10 zł = $2.51
Language Polish
Average weekend price $86 per night
Average weekday price $79 per night
Average stay 1 night

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Warsaw is a vibrant city that is constantly underrated.

February 28, 2024

Warsaw is a vibrant city that is constantly underrated. Having visited all major cities in Poland and many others in Europe, I have always fallen in love with Warszawa and everything it can offer: a new town with a beautiful skyline and an amazing Pałac Kultury i Nauki, a small but pretty old town, a huge quantity of parks (visit Łazienki Królewskie!) and countless options for museums, shopping, eating, drinking and partying.

Breixo Spain

Warsaw has too much for us to cover in 2 nights.

February 28, 2024

Warsaw has too much for us to cover in 2 nights. It was more of a transit point on this trip. I really want to go back for longer. If you like history it's there. Socialising, there are places for drinking with friends or partying. Foodies, lots of choice of cuisine.

Shos10 United Kingdom

One must go around in Warsaw in the evening to truly...

February 28, 2024

One must go around in Warsaw in the evening to truly appreciate the atmosphere. Have a great beer and pizza in Hoppito, and then off you go to some shopping, sightseeing and relaxing. Just have plenty of options when parking, as there's a plenty of traffic. You can move around the city comfily using public transport.

7wolwerine Czech Republic

Warsaw was a nice city to visit, although wouldn't...

February 27, 2024

Warsaw was a nice city to visit, although wouldn't really call it foreigner friendly. There were barely any signs in english and most of the big attractions only had polish explanations. For food, everything we ate was good, some were better, some were not up to expectations, but overall nothing really dissapointed. Our favorite was Zapiecek which offered traditional cuisine.

Valentin Romania

Excellent public transport system, good museums, huge...

February 20, 2024

Excellent public transport system, good museums, huge portions of food. The Chopin Museum had a free concert which covered some of his inspiration as well as his work. I'd recommend a walk along the river if the weather is not too cold, and the viewing terrace by St Anne's Church, and then just generally exploring the old town.

Victoria United Kingdom

Warsaw will always have my heart.

February 19, 2024

Warsaw will always have my heart. I came to do my Masters study in the city along with my then girlfriend (now wife) from India and it gave us the opportunity to work as well during our studies and learn more about the city. From folk tales of the mermaid helping the villagers to the city which upraised during the World war II, the city has a story to tell. I have been living for 5 years and there's something which will never make you forget about Warsaw. A mix of historic buildings and modern architecture amongst them. Take a walk from Nowy Swiat street and just keeping walking straight, you'll end up in Old town, it's on the best walks in the city.

Austin Germany

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