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A tiny town in Slovenia, Bled is nestled in the Julian Alps and home to the emerald Lake Bled. The idyllic lake is framed by mountains, and right in the middle of the water lies Bled Island, a little islet lush with greenery and dominated by a baroque church.

One of Bled’s iconic sights is the medieval Bled Castle, perched on a cliff and overlooking the lake. The castle boasts a drawbridge over a moat, a museum, a chapel and a panoramic terrace offering unspoiled views of Lake Bled with its church-topped island. To visit the 17th-century Church of the Mother of God on the Lake, you can take a ‘pletna’ (traditional wooden boat) to Bled Island. Legend has it that ringing the bell makes wishes come true, and the air is filled with the chiming of church bells rung by hopeful travellers. If you climb the 99 steps to try your own luck, one thing that’s definitely promised is an unforgettable view.

A picturesque little place, Bled offers plenty of opportunities to experience its natural beauty. The glacial Lake Bled freezes in winter, when you can ice skate, ski and sled on it, while it’s a peaceful spot for a swim in the summer months. For spectacular views of the blue-green lake and the surrounding scenery, you can hike up to one of the nearby viewpoints – Ojstrica, Mala Osojnica or Velika Osojnica.


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Beautiful area.

August 15, 2022

Beautiful area. Town is easy to negotiate with plenty of facilities. The surrounding area is stunning and many activities are available for the outdoor enthusiast such as rafting and zip lining. The lake is as you see in the pictures and the water is ideal for bathing. Highly recommend the area.

Stephen Isle of Man

Lake Bled was incredible - and I def want to go back, right...

August 10, 2022

Lake Bled was incredible - and I def want to go back, right mix of relaxation and activities. The lake itself is stunning - the water is amazingly clean and transparent, Bled is quite easy to get around and the highlight of my trip was a day trip with activities to Triglav National Park: there was a range of activities and natural beauty spots to see and experience.


Bled and its surroundings is a must have trip for everyone!

August 7, 2022

Bled and its surroundings is a must have trip for everyone! The lake is beautiful, you can have a cooling bath anytime in there. Be prepared, that if you are there in the peak season, there's no parking possibility at all - unless you arrive relativly early in the morning. People were very friendly and polite everyone, and you'll find good food easily. Nearby, the Vintgar Gorge is amazingly beautiful, you really shouldn't miss it! But it's also worth getting here on time (open from 7am, we went in at 11 and there were already quite a few people. you can only buy tickets online!) Lake Bohinj is only about 45 minutes by car, less developed, but with excellent parking facilities, you can have a wonderful bath in the lake, and plenty of hiking opportunities.

Katalin Hungary

Stunningly beautiful lake and with options for adventure,...

August 6, 2022

Stunningly beautiful lake and with options for adventure, swimming and sunbathing, hiking, castle, church, museum visits. Best of nature; ways to relax; ways to raise adrenaline - all in a soothing environment. Public and vegan kitchen restaurant- the best flavours ever at reasonable prices.


Lake Bled is great for swimming and chilling out after a...

July 28, 2022

Lake Bled is great for swimming and chilling out after a relaxing walk around it and/or a short hike up to the castle for a great view of the lake and surrounding area. Free shuttle bus running to Triglav National Park for more intense hiking, only 40 minutes drive. I was in Bled for 3 days, I didn’t get around to doing everything, like going out to the island, but I will be back at some point in the future. I went to a pub one night and the nightlife is okay too

Dáire Murray
Dáire Murray Ireland

Nice lake with castle and church, there are beaches where...

July 22, 2022

Nice lake with castle and church, there are beaches where you can spent a lot of time in hot summer days and if you like walking, you can have very nice view on the lake and mountains behind it. I can recommend it to everyone.

Pavel Czech Republic

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