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Taiwan’s capital city of Taipei showcases soaring towers, a sparkling nightlife and buzzing markets. A perfect blend of Chinese, Japanese and American influences, Taipei welcomes you with its exuberant energy and vibrant spirit.

Taipei has carved out its place as one of the world’s best countries for street food. From quick snacks to heavy meals, this city offers a plethora of food choices that will make you come back for more. While exploring the city streets, try Fan Tuan – a rice roll stuffed with pickled vegetables, fried pork and fried egg – along with a cup of brown sugar boba. The braised pork rice bowl is another must-have.

Taipei’s nightlife is abuzz with glowing streets, food stalls and people. To get the real taste of Taipei, visit Shilin Night Market for its oyster omelette, dumplings and fried chicken. Later, you can take a walk down Ximending, a pedestrian shopping district teeming with enthusiastic shoppers.

When you’re in Taipei, you’ll never run out of things to do. Make your way to Taipei 101 to witness panoramic views of the city atop a 1,300 foot tall building. You can also stop to take pictures of the Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall, built in memory of the former President of the Republic of China. A trip to Longshan and Tianhou Temples will give you an understanding of the cultural backbone and beliefs of the country. After a full day of exploring, you can sit back and relax at Beitou Hot Spring, Taiwan's only hot spring resort.


From $22 per night

This weekend

From $126 per night

Next weekend

From $120 per night

Most popular time to visit October-December
Cheapest time to visit January-March
Local currency TWD 100 = $3.10
Language Cantonese
Average weekend price $102 per night
Average weekday price $96 per night
Average stay 1 night

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MRT and high-speed railway are very developed in this city.

April 12, 2024

MRT and high-speed railway are very developed in this city. The cost is cheap and you can go to almost every destination. People are friendly and willing to help. City roads and stations are cleaned. Only food, perhaps it's not suitable for someone like the healthy style because a majority of them are oily.

Nguyễn Thị Thúy Ngọc
Nguyễn Thị Thúy Ngọc Vietnam

The room was awesome, we were 4 and was very spacious and...

April 10, 2024

The room was awesome, we were 4 and was very spacious and great, the only problem was they dont speak english at the reception, it was very hard to get directions for places only one lady spoke and she was helpfull. the location is not the best but it was ok

Nadya United States of America

Several times during my short stay people went well out of...

April 9, 2024

Several times during my short stay people went well out of their way to help me. One on occasion, an older lady who was getting her hair done in the salon where I got a hair cut left her chair walked me down the steps of the shop and out into the street and about 20 yards to an intersection to ensure I did not get lost and found my destination. Taipei Taiwanese during the days I spent there seemed to be a fine people, their city clean and safer than many US large cities. I don't think they will like mainland China coming in and taking over. I visited a couple of great temples and had great suppers.

ANTONIO United States of America

Taipei is one of my favourite cities in Asia - relatively...

April 7, 2024

Taipei is one of my favourite cities in Asia - relatively low cost, good food and excellent nightlife. It's a great place for a few days getaway - if you're based in Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong or Singapore, Taipei is a perfect getaway destination.

Andrew Singapore

The transportation and hotel bookings are excellent, and...

April 5, 2024

The transportation and hotel bookings are excellent, and the food is reasonably cheap. Taiwan is generally clean but some areas have a sewer smell problem due to an old system. People are friendly and helpful. Nobody rejects you if you ask for the road direction. Taipei is modern, but smaller villages are old. The scooters pile up full on the pedestrian walk, and we have no way to walk around. By all means, it is a beautiful place to visit.


Where to start .

April 4, 2024

Where to start . . Petrol scooters everywhere and the fumes are choking the city. It is impossible to use sidewalks for the scooters parked everywhere. The country has a huge mosquito plague and only one hotel we stayed at had a fly screen on the window - even with insect repellent expect to be covered in bites during your stay. Taiwan in general does not demonstrate environmental awareness, plastic and single use packaging is everywhere and ironically, you will struggle to find any garbage bins on the street, at bus stops, train stations or on malls. Eating choices usually involve businesses with poor food handling procedures - did not see one single salad in the 5 cities I visited. The quality of fruit is outstanding which may be associated with the number of temples across the country. I could not find maps or attraction brochures in English at any of the 5 hotels I stayed in or at 2 government information centres I visited. There is no discount shopping, only premium prices. Overall I found the locals to be quite racist and wilfully unfriendly. Taiwan is not ready to welcome international tourists, check back in 10 years to see if anything has improved.

Carol Hungary

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