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The capital of Arizona and the fifth-largest city in the United States, Phoenix is famous for its cacti-studded deserts, rocky red mountains and over 200 landscaped golf courses.

Phoenix is home to plenty of parks where you can explore the rugged terrain and take in the natural beauty of the 'Valley of the Sun'. One of the largest urban parks in the world, the South Mountain Park and Preserve offers sweeping vistas and miles of trails for hiking, horse riding and biking. For more desert panoramas and outdoor activities, head to Papago Park, featuring tranquil oases, desert wildlife and the native saguaro cactus. This recreational haven is also home to the intriguing Hole-in-the-Wall rock formation, Phoenix Zoo and the sprawling Desert Botanical Garden, featuring thousands of plants amidst red rock buttes. If you’re after a more challenging hike, try scaling the Camelback Mountain for 360-degree views of the dramatic landscape.

Phoenix has a lot in store for lovers of art, architecture and culture. The Musical Instrument Museum is the only one of its kind in the world, boasting over 8,000 musical instruments spanning 200 countries. Alternatively, you can admire classical and contemporary works from around the globe at Phoenix Art Museum or visit the Heard Museum for an introduction to the country’s Native American roots. Architecture aficionados should check out Taliesin West – the UNESCO-listed winter home of celebrated architect, Frank Lloyd Wright. The futuristic structure of the Phoenix Convention Center is also worth taking a look at.


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Average weekend price $4 per night
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I am uncertain, but I believe Phoenix can offer plenty to...

March 20, 2023

I am uncertain, but I believe Phoenix can offer plenty to see and do. However, we find the change in the city and surroundings to be unpleasant, as the influx of new residents has become overwhelming and inhospitable. The roads have become a complete mess, traffic is abhorrent, and the transient residents have completely changed the pleasant look and feel of the city. Will be spending as little time as possible in Phoenix in future.

Thomas Switzerland

This facility needs some upgrades.

March 8, 2023

This facility needs some upgrades. It's old and Not clean and there's cigarettes all over the grounds. It has seen better days and could really be nice again if they put some effort into it. My son's room was important.....switched because there was hair in both beds and filthy and door Not working broken I am going to ask for a refund

keith United States of America

I like Phoenix, but now it's full of the homeless &...

March 8, 2023

I like Phoenix, but now it's full of the homeless & in view drug abuse, baggers are everywhere, crime Is the worst, street racing is a everyday problem. You can find fine dining almost everywher just get into the restaurant you don't have to deal with the baggers.


I was visitung relatives which was good.

March 7, 2023

I was visitung relatives which was good. But the hotel was very disappointing. My last visit to Arizona was at a Hyatt in Scotsdale, what a difference from the Hilton in Phoenix. A bad hotel really ruins the pleasure of a trip

Joyce United States of America

Not much to do.

January 21, 2023

Not much to do. We came from camping in a van around Arizona and we thoroughly enjoyed it. We were ready for some urban life again but there's not much to see or do downtown. I wished I had another day of camping and hiking instead.

K AL M Canada

The desert botanical gardens were amazing.

January 14, 2023

The desert botanical gardens were amazing. Wish we had more time to spend in this area, the hikes looked like fun. The area we stayed was not too busy or noisy, we found cabs pretty easily to get around. I'd definitely stay in this area again if necessary.

Rexann United States of America

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